Healthy and Delicious ‘Fall-ternatives’ to Halloween Sweets and Treats

Healthy and Delicious ‘Fall-ternatives' to Halloween Sweets and Treats

Enjoy these delicious fall-themed meals this Halloween season.

There are plenty of ways to get into the Halloween spirit, especially if you’re someone who appreciates a good scare. Maybe you enjoy watching hair-raising movies or getting spooked on a haunted hayride. But if you’re on a weight loss journey, there’s a case to be made that the most frightening part of Halloween is being surrounded by candy and sweets!

While GOLO can’t be there to cover your eyes during the creepy parts of a scary movie, we can help you prepare healthy and delicious ‘fall-ternatives’ to traditional Halloween spreads.   

From sunrise on through the witching hour, here are meals you can make to keep you in the Halloween spirit without disturbing your healthy lifestyle.


Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

Bowl of pumpkin pie baked oatmeal

Pumpkin pie? For breakfast? Not quite, but this delicious oatmeal gives you the pumpkin taste you love without all the added sugar. Plus, it’s made with GOLO’s very own pumpkin pie spice! It’s a scary-good way to start your day.


Pumpkin Chili

Cast-iron bowl of chili on a table with a white table cloth.

When the leaves start to change color and there’s a cool breeze in the air, that means it’s officially chili season! And what better way to warm your insides than with a bowl of Pumpkin Chili.

You can make this chili with ground beef or turkey, but no matter what you choose, this recipe will be a hallo-winner on Halloween. 


Stuffed Bell Pepper Jack O’Lanterns


Stuffed orange peppers that are cut to look like like jack-o-lanterns

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean every meal has to be pumpkin-based. But these festive and healthy Stuffed Bell Pepper Jack O’Lanterns are sure to put a smile on your face as you carve a smile into the ‘face’ of your peppers!

Trick or treat yourself!

GOLO Baked Apples

Slicked apples covered in cinnamon on a plate with cinnamon sticks and a fork.

It wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t treat yourself, right? If you’re having a Halloween party, everyone on your ‘ghost-list’ will appreciate something besides fun-size chocolate bars and candy corn. Why not serve your guests a GOLO Baked Apple instead?  

Don’t get scared off by the season!

The reason we have so many festive food options available is because we want you to be able to eat healthy, balanced meals while participating in this fun time of year.  However, we also want to be realistic. The treat temptation around Halloween may be hard to ignore. If you decide to indulge in a favorite treat or piece of candy, that’s OK. Just eat mindfully, enjoy the food you choose to eat, and don’t allow one night to turn into a week of bad choices!

When Halloween is over, you’ll be ready to get back on track with healthy and delicious meals!

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