Success Stories


Whether you have 20 or over 100 pounds to lose, GOLO can help you achieve your goals!

Karen Before and After


Lost 59 lbs. in 12 months
“For everyone out there who’s failed diet after diet, I understand and I’ve been there. It’s frustrating. GOLO is the only thing that will let you lose weight and keep it off.”*
Michael Before and After


Lost 62 lbs. in 7 months
“I not only lost weight but GOLO helped me with a lot of health conditions. My doctor is amazed at my results and he is actually recommending it to his patients at this point.”*
Kim lost 67 lbs. in 16 months


Lost 67 lbs. in 16 months
“With GOLO, I don’t need a cheat day because I get to eat the foods I like any day of the week.”*
Barry Before and After


Lost 43 lbs. in 13 months
“I can do a lot of things that I struggled to do before. I have more energy and am able to move more freely.”*
JoAnn lost 75 lbs. in 10 months


Lost 75 lbs. in 10 months
“GOLO has given me so much more confidence, just putting on clothes, going out the door, going to work.”*
Jill Before and After


Lost 56 lbs. in 13 months
“I had twins, so I felt real self-conscious of my large belly. I started taking Release and the inches just started falling away. I wasn’t hungry. I’d say within a week the sugar cravings went away.”*
Sholeh Before and After


Lost 75 lbs. in 11 months
“When I put on the weight, it was really discouraging because I tried so hard to lose it. It just felt like I was trapped in a body that wasn’t my body. Since losing the weight with GOLO, I feel like myself again.”*
Michael Before and After


Lost 70 lbs. in 2 years
“GOLO is very simple for a guy like me, there’s no calorie counting. They explain very clearly what to eat and they give you tons of help. I got back down to my high school weight!”*
Sally Before and After


Lost 52 lbs. in 18 months
“I struggled with my weight for a long time due to my thyroid issues, but since being on the GOLO plan and taking RELEASE, the weight has not come back.”*
Blaine Before and After


Lost 75 lbs. in 6 months
“I was prediabetic, my sugar levels were high. I tried other diets, and they didn’t work for me. With GOLO and Release, I was able to cut my blood sugar and reduce my cravings.”*
Darlene Before and After


Lost 40 lbs. in 9 months
“I was surprised at how easy it was for the weight to come off. I’ve never done anything better in my life.”*
Susan Before and After


Lost 84 lbs. in 13 months
“Before I was always tired, I didn’t sleep well. I was just uncomfortable going in public. I didn’t even want to look in a mirror. When I tell people how easy it was for me to lose weight, they don’t believe me. Now here I am, 84 pounds lighter.”*