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Get the support you need to stay on track with myGOLO

You are not in this alone! At GOLO, we ensure you have access to additional resources and our GOLO support community to give you what you need to succeed.

MyGolo provides caring support to help you meet your goals
You can claim immediate access after your first order

As a GOLO customer, you will receive members-only access to all of the online support and resources offered as part of our myGOLO Membership.

Member's only support and resources

Once you place your first order, you’ll receive personal login credentials to immediately access your myGOLO resources.

Recipes, meal plans, community, and coaching

Get the latest recipes, meal plans, community support, and so much more.

Take control and make myGOLO part of your healthier lifestyle.

Facebook Community

Get the added support you need from our online community

One major benefit of GOLO is our private members Facebook page - a place for GOLO customers to share, support and uplift one another.

Visit the GOLO Facebook group today.

GOLO is there for you on social media as well