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Do you have a slow metabolism? Have you been dieting but not getting results? It's not your fault!! There's a Reason You Can't Lose Weight...Here's Why:

GOLO has proven through extensive years of research over 9 years that insulin is the critical hormone that regulates metabolism, weight gain, weight loss, aging and overall health.

Fat Release If you struggle to lose weight, despite dieting, you may have Insulin Resistance. Insulin Resistance is the main culprit that makes it easy to gain, and very difficult to lose weight. Insulin Resistance is the result of a metabolic disorder. When you repair your metabolic health, it’s easy to lose weight and keep it off.

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in the body. Insulin drives metabolism and the way the body uses food for energy. If insulin levels are high, fat is more likely to be stored in fat cells. If insulin levels are chronically high, the ability for your body to burn fat breaks down.

Insulin and Aging

Overall health and aging are regulated by your metabolic health and insulin. When insulin levels are lower, cells are stronger, and can fight against infection, and diseases like cancer, dementia and stroke. Losing weight the right way and repairing your metabolic health is the key to anti-aging. When you lose weight the right way and improve your health, you will not only look and feel younger, but you will lower your metabolic age.

What is Metabolic Dysfunction and how does it Affect Weight?

A metabolic disorder means your body is not properly transforming food into energy and other compounds needed for optimal health. You may think you have a ‘slow metabolism.’ Some indicators of metabolic disorder include:

  • Poor digestion
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Hunger and cravings
  • Fat storage, especially belly fat
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • High insulin levels or insulin resistance

Research studies have found that reducing insulin resistance by repairing metabolic health is the secret to weight loss. GOLO can help you transition to a healthy lifestyle, repair your metabolic health and lose weight and inches the right way.

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“Insulin Resistance is an often silent condition that affects millions of Americans. As a factor that has previously been under recognized, Insulin Resistance is an important precursor to the epidemics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.” ~ Dr. Robert Buynak

Why is it hard to lose weight and keep it off?

Conventional diets that are low in calories or cut key healthy fats and carbs do not work. Here’s why: When you follow a conventional diet or self-diet the wrong way Conventional Dieting Results your body fat percentage goes up and your metabolism slows down.

Most conventional diets and diet products spike glucose and insulin levels causing hunger, cravings, and muscle loss, which causes a slow metabolism, diet fatigue and failure. These diets stress your body and over time can have serious health consequences.

“Focusing on “low-fat” and “diet” processed foods may lower the calorie count, but these foods are typically pro-inflammatory, which explains why they don’t aid weight loss. They also aren’t satiating, and some of the chemicals in these foods actually trigger hunger signals.” ~ Jen Morganti, ND


Why is GOLO Different?

GOLO targets the real cause of weight gain and has a proven solution to repair your metabolic health so you lose weight, easily. Several studies have been conducted on GOLO. Study subjects not only lost weight but saw remarkable reductions in waist, overall size and saw improvements in health markers.*

Study #1 32.1 lbs average weight loss in 12 weeks

Very overweight / obese individuals

Study #2 44.9 lbs average weight loss, -6.8 inches around waist in 25 weeks

Overweight and obese individuals

Study #3 30.9 lbs average weight loss, -5.48 inches around waist in 6 months

Overweight individuals needing to lose 20-50 lbs.

Study #4 62 lbs average weight loss, -10.4 inches around waist in 12 months

Obese individuals

Losing weight with GOLO results in better health. Benefits of losing weight the right way include: reduced health risks, metabolic efficiency and a lower metabolic age. You will look and feel younger, and have more energy. The results below represent 6-month averages.

Cholesterol Reduction


Triglyceride Reduction


Fasting Blood Sugar Reduction


Metabolic Age Reduction

-13.1 years

*See Studies Page for more information

The GOLO Solution

The key to healthy long-term weight loss is metabolic efficiency, healthy insulin optimization and glucose management to control hunger and cravings. GOLO has created a 2-tier solution that works synergistically to get you better results

Don’t fall into the conventional diet trap of high and low blood sugar and hunger and cravings. You can lose weight without hunger and cravings, and maintain steady energy all day.

With GOLO, you stay in the healthy insulin zone. You can eat more food as you burn fat and maintain good energy all day.

Plants Are the Solution to Metabolic Efficiency - GOLO Release Supplement

Why are plants so effective? Our body is familiar with plant-based foods and their healing properties, and can metabolize plant material easily. And, some plants provide antioxidant protection from oxidative stress that cannot be mimicked by synthetic substances. The healing powers of plants help reduce inflammation, strengthen cells, and help the body become more efficient and balanced.

GOLO spent 9 years researching plants that are clinically proven to provide metabolic support while you are trying to lose weight, and created the Release supplement. Release makes make dieting easier. The Release proprietary formula is made from 7 plant-based ingredients and 3 essential minerals. The patented formula is designed to support healthy blood glucose metabolism, provide oxidative and anti-inflammatory support and adaptogenic support to help manage fatigue and stress.

The GOLO Release ingredients have been shown through scientific research to be safe and effective in providing powerful metabolic support while your body is in the process of healing. The ingredients in Release help heal metabolic dysfunction by relieving oxidative stress, maintaining a healthy inflammatory response and encouraging proper cellular function by supporting your body’s molecules of communication.

The 3 mechanisms of action that make Release so effective are:

  • Insulin optimization to promote the release of fat
  • Glucose control for reduced hunger and cravings, and maximum energy
  • Hormone balance to help reduce stress and improve mood

Proprietary Formulation

Release’s unique patented formula is manufactured with high-quality ingredients that are delivered at the clinically studied dosages for maximum effect.

You simply take 1 Release supplement with each meal until your metabolic efficiency improves.

Release is safe to take with medications, and there are no side effects with Release.

  • Over 50 clinical studies
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • No caffeine or other stimulants
  • No soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, fish or shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts or wheat

Over 1 million bottles delivered

98% Customer Satisfaction

US Flag Release is made in the USA at a FDA registered pharmaceutical facility which is NSF International, Health Canada, TGA and Organic certified and is only available through GOLO.

Take the Release 7-Day Challenge

Sometimes diet and exercise aren't enough. If you are dieting but aren't getting the results you want, or your weight is affecting your health, then try adding Release to your daily routine.

When you start taking Release you will look and feel better quickly, have more energy, and even sleep better. Within 7 days you will see how Release can provide powerful support as you lose weight and reach your goals. Release will have a positive impact on your life, as you lose weight and get healthier.

Get Better Results From Your Diet with Release

If you are dieting now, but aren’t getting the results you want, have had weight loss surgery, or you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start, try Release. Let Release be the natural solution your body needs to:

  • Stop weight gain
  • Maintain healthy insulin levels
  • Eliminate hunger and cravings
  • Maintain good energy and mood
  • Support overall good health
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Dr. Ina De Beer

“GOLO helps stabilize blood sugar. There is no hunger between meals and the supplements have no side effect. That’s a great achievement.”
~ Dr. Ina de Beer

The GOLO Rescue Plan

Diet Booklet, Smart Card, Pasta Plate. Eat More – Lose Fat – Save Money – Save Time

GOLO is perfect for anyone that wants to lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Our plan is easy, will save you money on groceries and teaches you how to eat properly for weight loss and better health.

It’s easy to stay motivated and committed because you don’t have to worry about the obstacles you face with conventional dieting like hunger, fatigue and diet failure. With GOLO you eat more of the foods you love instead of depriving yourself, so you don’t have to focus on ‘dieting’, you can focus on living and enjoying your life as you lose weight.

Release works together with the GOLO Rescue Plan to convert food into energy and not store as fat.

Eggbites - brownies and muffins
  • You can eat real butter, bread and pasta and still lose weight.
  • No isolation from others with ‘diet foods’. Eat real food again.
  • No fancy or expensive recipes that no one has time to prepare.
  • Eat out whenever you want and still lose weight.
  • Family friendly. Everyone can eat the same foods.
  • Eat more food than you ever would when ‘dieting’.
  • Save thousands of dollars a year on groceries.
Eggbites - brownies and muffins

The benefits you get with GOLO go beyond losing weight. You’ll learn about the triggers that may have contributed to your weight gain including stress and emotional eating. GOLO will give you realistic solutions and information on proper nutrition. When you eat the right foods, you’ll fuel your body, you’ll look and feel better, and have more energy.
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Jennifer Brooks, GOLO President, Chef, Holistic Nutrition, NANP

“At GOLO we sympathize with anyone trying to lose weight. We will tell you the truth about dieting and weight loss, and show you how to lose weight and enjoy the foods you love. Our plan is healthy and sustainable.” ~ Jennifer Brooks, GOLO President, Chef, Holistic Nutrition, NANP

Testimonial 1

Courtney lost 36.6 lbs in 26 weeks*

Testimonial 2

Patrick lost 97 lbs in 102 weeks*

Testimonial 3

Jacques lost 129 lbs and Riana lost 76.1 lbs in 102 weeks*

Testimonial 4

Nombu lost 48.1 lbs in 44 weeks*

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The complete GOLO Rescue Plan includes:

  • Release Supplement: Supports Insulin optimization, controls hunger and cravings and restores metabolic function.
  • The GOLO® Rescue Plan: An easy-to-follow meal plan with healthy foods to keep you satisified while you lose 1-2 lbs per week.
  • Tracking Journal, Food Log and Matrix Meal Guide: Tools to help you manage your meals, portions and weight loss easily.

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