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Trustpilot® Reviews

“GOLO is a wonderful product that forever changed my life and well-being.”
Susan C.
1st GOLO Order on 7/22/2023

“Love your product and prompt service, and love the customer discounted prices on reorders — it helps me especially on my path to a healthier me!”
Sandy R.
1st GOLO Order on 10/24/2022

“GOLO is life-changing and has made such a difference in my life. I lost 30 lbs. over three months looked and felt better, and made more conscious eating choices and exercised. And I lowered my A1C I do recommend GOLO!”
Jasmin G.
1st GOLO Order on 6/4/2023

“It has been exactly one year since I started GOLO. I have lost 67 pounds, and my BMI has gone from over 30 to 24. I am no longer considered obese by my doctor. I've lost it at a healthy rate, and I love the food I'm eating. I still have 35 pounds still to lose, but the next six months are going to be great! THANK YOU GOLO.”
Kelli F.
1st GOLO Order on 1/2/2023

“GOLO is the only diet that has truly proven to be a success for me. I don’t consider it a diet but a healthy way of eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”
Deborah W.
1st GOLO Order on 1/23/2023

“I love GOLO, it has been the only thing that helped me lose weight and feel great!! I had been saying for years I just need to lose 5 pounds then it was 10 pounds. Nothing worked until GOLO!!! It was so easy, I took release and stuck with the plan and the weight just came off. I started in June of 2022. I lost 25 pounds and I have kept it off! I have more energy, and my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers have improved!! I will use GOLO for life!!”
Donna W.
1st GOLO Order on 6/2022

“After having been on every diet known to man, I decided to try GOLO. It's not a diet, it's a way of life. I'm constantly impressed by how easy the program is and how wonderful the recipes are. We have support on Facebook from people who also live the GOLO life, answering questions and giving us pep talks when we need them. I feel like a new person and can't recommend a program more. GOLO for Life!”
Amy H.
1st GOLO Order on 11/11/2022

“I love the effects of Release. Ordering is very easy. Things recommended on the GOLO member site are very easy to prepare and very satisfying. And there is no high-pressure sales tactics. I can make my decisions on my own if I want to order more.”
Marie B.
1st GOLO Order on 1/2/2021

“This is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I’m 77 and lost 42 pounds. Thank you for helping people like me. I have also inspired 5 other people who are also doing amazing. 🤩 thank you.”
Maria C.
1st GOLO Order on 10/14/2021

Better Business Bureau® Reviews

“This stuff is great. To date I have lost 56 pounds. Could not have done it without the Release supplement.”
Raymond H.
1st GOLO Order on 2/5/2023

“GOLO is wonderful for teaching me how to eat healthy in a way that not only has helped me to lose weight, but also to feel the best I have felt in years. I don’t feel tired or dragging and I sleep so much better each night. Realizing how much better I feel now has made me realize I don’t need junk food. I also find eating healthy is more satisfying in the end and I stay full longer. I tell friends that I’m not on a “diet”. It’s a lifestyle change. It is a change in how I view food. The reward is not in what I eat, but how the proper food fuels me in accomplishing my goals for the day. My only regret is that I didn’t start GOLO sooner.”
Sheryl P.
1st GOLO Order on 6/29/2022

“Finally, a way of eating that is not depriving and provides me with sustainable weight loss! I have tried every weight loss program out there. GOLO is so simple to follow and teaches me the proper way to eat. I’m never hungry because I am eating properly. I do not have cravings or ever feel the need to eat more than 3 meals a day. I have been following the GOLO plan and taking Release for a year and have lost 70 lbs. to date. The NSV (Non-Scale-Victories) are better than the number of pounds lost! I have gone down four pant sizes and for the first time in forever, I am wearing a size that I haven't worn since I was a young woman in my twenties. I am now sixty-five. I am sleeping so much better. I rarely wake up at night now. My doctors are ecstatic with my progress and 100% behind my new way of eating. The doctors, especially my cardiologist, are incredibly happy with all my labs and vitals. This way of wholesome eating has kept me from having to start diabetic medications and together we are working on phasing out blood pressure medications that I have been on for years. My inflammation is way down which has also allowed me to use less medication for pain management. I can do more activity without feeling pain for days. The GOLO staff and other members are so supportive. They are always there to answer any questions. There are wonderful, delicious recipes available on their website, but at no time does this lifestyle require you to use them. If I have a recipe that I have used for years, I can send it to GOLO and they will help me revamp it into a much healthier version, proper serving size, all without sacrificing taste. They truly are there to help me succeed in every way! GOLO has changed my life!”
Susan C.
1st GOLO Order on 11/21/2022

“In January 2023, I weighed 246 and had a 49" waist. In January 2024, I weigh 150 and have a 32" waist — I haven’t weighed this little since 1991. I sleep better at night. I'm awake during the day. My doctor has reduced and even eliminated one medication I was on. I can climb the stairs at work or walk/jog around the block and not be out of breath. Everything in their commercials is the absolute truth. It's the best.”
Mark L.
1st GOLO Order on 12/24/2022

“GOLO worked great for me! I needed to lose 25 pounds and it is always the hardest to lose those last pounds. I saw an ad for GOLO and once I received the Release tablets and the information about “clean” eating I began to lose while still eating real food. I have recommended this to all my friends!”
Debra E.
1st GOLO Order on 12/18/2022

“I started on GOLO in February of 2023 weighing 144 lbs. at 5’ tall. Now, almost a year later after following the GOLO food plan and taking Release I am down to 122 lbs. and look and feel so much better! It really is a lifestyle change and not a "diet". I had tried multiple different things in the past to lose weight, but GOLO is the only thing that ever worked for me. Thank you GOLO!”
Kimberly Z.
1st GOLO Order on 2/7/2023

“I think the GOLO program is a wonderful, stress-free program that, if you just follow the program & have a positive open mind, you will see unbelievable results. It is the best weight loss program in the world!!”
Yvonne S.
1st GOLO Order on 1/5/2022

“I enjoy GOLO because I feel like I am not deprived of certain foods like potatoes and bread like on other programs. This is not a diet — it is a lifestyle change. I met my first goal, 40 pounds easily, and decided to go even further! I am now down 60 pounds! I have lost on other programs but even after trying to lose on their plans after stopping eating their food, I gained it all back. I would recommend GOLO to anyone wanting to lose weight.”
Janice N.
1st GOLO Order on 1/4/2022

“This is an awesome life changing program! I have been living the GOLO life for 5 months and have released 47 lbs. to date. I love all the recipes and choices to make my meals. This program/lifestyle is very easy to follow. My friends and family have all told me besides looking terrific, that even my outlook on life is shinier! My physician has endorsed GOLO as my health has improved dramatically, in addition to my weight loss. I am so glad I made my phone call on June 15, 2023, speaking with Amber. She explained GOLO, answering all my questions. It changed my life. I am GOLO FOR LIFE!”
Marti R.
1st GOLO Order on 6/15/2023