Woman choosing Release and the GOLO for Life Plan over a generic diet pill.

GOLO's Release Supplement vs. Diet Pills

When trying to lose weight, it’s important to focus on eating a balanced, healthy diet of whole foods on a consistent basis. This simple approach, which is the basis of the GOLO for Life Plan®, can help you achieve steady weight loss at a healthy pace.

GOLO developed the Release® supplement to work in conjunction with our eating Plan to help support your ability to achieve steady and lasting weight loss while also supporting your overall health.

By combining the GOLO for Life Plan with the Release supplement, you may be able to lose the weight you’ve been hoping for. But one thing is certain: Release is not a magic pill (there’s no such thing), and it is not at all like a typical “diet pill.”

What are diet pills?

The weight loss market is saturated with caffeine- or stimulant-based diet pills and diuretics. There’s even a ‘weight loss device’ you ingest that fills your stomach with cellulose and citric acid to prevent you from overeating.

The goal of a diet pill or device is generally to:

  • Reduce your appetite to make you feel fuller; or
  • Reduce absorption of nutrients, such as fat; or
  • Increase fat burning.

These products are often marketed as a “fast, cheap and effective” weight loss solution, which can be tempting. But if your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, and if you would like to improve your health in the process, this type of solution may not be the best choice.

The problem with conventional diet pills

The biggest problem with traditional diet pills is that even if you lose weight by taking one, it may not be sustainable.  If you don’t change your lifestyle, as soon as you stop taking a diet pill, you could gain back the weight you lost. In fact, many people who lose weight this way report that they gained more weight after stopping the pills and ended up heavier than they were before they started!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off long-term, you need to do more than just take a pill. You have to learn to eat in a balanced and healthy way. But some advertisements for diet pills could have you believing that you can take a pill and lose weight without changing your eating habits.

Generally speaking, many diet pills don’t include instructions or guidance on how to eat healthy, balanced meals. And if a diet pill decreases your appetite, you’re likely to think you won’t have to change how you eat because you are eating less.

With this approach, you may lose weight fast, but it is usually mostly water weight and muscle loss. 

This type of fast weight loss (more than 1-2 lbs. per week), is typically achieved because you are eating too few calories. Without enough fuel, your body starts breaking down muscle tissue to use for energy. This may cause rapid weight loss, but as soon as you start eating normally again, what you lost will most likely be gained back as fat.

Read that again – you lose muscle and you could gain it back as more fat!

This is the yo-yo dieting merry-go-round we have all heard about, and maybe you’ve experienced it yourself!  When you lose muscle and gain fat, you may increase your overall body fat percentage. Which could make it harder to lose weight the next time you try.

Possible side effects from conventional diet pills.

Another issue with conventional diet pills is the side effects that may be caused by their ingredients. Most people are familiar with the stories of the ingredients that are now banned by the FDA because of harmful side effects such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, diarrhea, kidney problems, and liver damage.

Why you should try the GOLO for Life Plan with Release instead of other diet pills

GOLO provides a sustainable, long-term solution to weight loss. With Release® and the GOLO for Life Plan, you can help support your insulin levels and metabolism so you can lose weight. Combined with the GOLO for Life Plan, our simple way of eating, you may be able to lose 1-2 lbs. per week!

GOLO customers report less hunger and cravings, increased energy, and an overall calmer demeanor when taking Release. Also, many of our customers are amazed at how much food they eat while losing weight.

What makes the GOLO for Life Plan with Release different from other diet pills?

You are less likely to regain the weight you lost

Release is designed to be phased out as you reach your goal weight. Because it is not an appetite suppressant, reducing the amount of Release you take, or coming off of it altogether, will not cause you to regain the weight you lost. You are able to maintain your weight loss because you have learned how to structure your meals in a healthy, balanced way. Continuing to eat three meals per day in the appropriate serving and portion sizes that you have learned from GOLO is your easy maintenance plan.

Susan Reinicki before and after

Susan lost 84 lbs. in 10 months and has kept it off for over 1 year!*

"I was shocked at how affordable GOLO is. It is amazing and works really well. I lost 84 pounds and have kept it off for over a year!" - Susan

Ingredient quality & testing

While dietary supplements do not require FDA approval, companies that make or sell them must follow FDA regulations and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines.

GOLO follows all required regulations, but we go even further to ensure that every bottle of Release we sell is of the highest quality. Here’s how:

Ingredient testing

  • We purchase our ingredients from suppliers that meet all regulations and are tested in accordance with cGMP.
  • When the ingredients are received at our manufacturer, we perform another test to verify that the supplier’s test results are accurate. 

Finished product testing

  • We require the manufacturer to perform a quality test on every lot of Release that is produced.
  • Once received by GOLO, we send out for another independent third-party test on every single lot we receive before releasing any bottles for sale to the public.


There are over 100 studies supporting the safety and efficacy of the ingredients in Release. Additionally, we conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that found those who took Release lost 79.9% more weight and over twice as many inches around their waists than the placebo group.


Release consists of a proprietary blend of seven natural plant-based ingredients and three key minerals. Our body is familiar with plants and their healing properties and can metabolize plant material better than synthetic substances.

The chromium and zinc in Release may provide important metabolic health benefits aiding in weight loss and overall health. Our minerals are full-reacted mineral chelates, making them more absorbable.

Release supplement label and ingredients list

Safety information

The ingredients in Release are all-natural and do not contain harmful ingredients, additives, chemicals, caffeine, or other stimulants.

Release is also gluten- and wheat-free and contains no soy, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, or nuts.

Anyone with a health condition or who takes medications should consult their healthcare provider before starting the GOLO for Life Plan with Release or any new healthcare program and/or dietary supplement.

Why Release is right for you

GOLO was founded in 2009. We have sold more than 10 million bottles of Release and over 30,000 people purchase the GOLO for Life Plan with Release every week!

In addition to healthy weight loss, Release may also help support energy levels, immune system support, help with blood sugar levels, and more. Release isn’t a magic pill, but when combined with the GOLO for Life Plan, it promotes sustainable and lasting weight loss that can help you stop dieting and start living life.

Learn more about Release and its benefits HERE.


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