Before picture of RaShod sitting on the count next to an after picture of him looking fit at the gym.

GOLO helped RaShod reach his goal of losing 100 lbs.

Standing at 6’4”, RaShod had always carried his weight well. So when he went to a doctor’s appointment and weighed in at 417 lbs., he was in shock. He had no idea his weight had gotten that out of control and made it his mission to get in shape.

RaShod went all in, working out for hours at a time. He took Zumba classes, did cardio work, and started lifting. He also did what he thought was best for quick weight loss and drastically reduced his calories at all costs. 

Like most starvation diets, RaShod saw success early on. But because he didn’t prioritize nutrition, he ended up doing more harm than good for his overall health. 

“I would practically starve myself and I was tired, unhappy when I plateaued, and didn’t look healthy because I lost weight so rapidly.”

Eventually, his intense workouts took a toll on his body, and he started eating more, including fast food and sweets. After another doctor’s visit, he was close to gaining all the weight back that he had worked so hard to lose.

“I was slowly reverting back to the 4x and 5x shirts I’d worn at my heaviest. That’s when I decided to try GOLO.”

Within the first week, RaShod started losing weight. Happy with his early success, he cleaned out his house of all the foods that are not GOLO approved and used the GOLO Recipe Book to help with his meals. He also began taking pictures of himself on the scale and was consistently dropping 2 lbs. per week.

“Seeing the scale move finally encouraged me to give my all back into fitness and healthy eating. It was a super motivator.”

When he knew GOLO could work for him, he set a lofty goal of losing 100 pounds.

“I knew I had to be disciplined. Gone were the days of making excuses or feeling too sluggish to go to the gym. Thankfully, GOLO allowed me to eat, feel full, and never starve myself.”

RaShod started his GOLO journey in October 2023. By May of the following year, he had reached his goal of losing 100 lbs. and couldn’t be more proud.

Before picture of RaShod next to a scale that ready 378 lbs. and an after picture of RaShod next to a scale that reads 278 lbs.

“Life has reset for me. I am back in clothes I purchased 10 years ago. I am wearing 36 in pants and XL in shirts comfortably. At 43, I look and feel as good as I have my entire adult life and I truly have GOLO to thank for that!”