Photo of GOLO president Jennifer Brooks with W.B Simpsons staff members.

GOLO Supports Physical Fitness Education Event

GOLO recently participated in a physical fitness assembly for students at W.B. Simpson Elementary School. The event highlighted and celebrated the results of a $10,000 grant given to the school to support innovative physical education programs. GOLO provided the grant, which was implemented by Project Fit America (PFA), a national non-profit organization.

W.B. Simpson Elementary School was selected for the grant after Project Fit conducted an open call for proposals with all public schools in Delaware, including Kent, Sussex, and New Castle counties.  

"The W.B. Simpson team is forever grateful to GOLO and Project Fit America for this grant," said Brook Fuchs, Principal of W.B. Simpson Elementary School. "We know that having students engage in physical activity leads to improved attention, better working memory, and reduces off-task behaviors. This grant will not only help us promote healthy fitness habits but will also help improve learning conditions for all of our students."

The academic focus of the grant program is to create "physically educated" children and to empower them to take personal responsibility for their health with enthusiasm. The program includes fitness equipment and a dynamic supplemental physical education curriculum with games, activities, and challenges for children. Project Fit America also provides support to the school for two years, along with on-site training with the school's physical education teacher. The first grant from GOLO and Project Fit America was awarded to John R. Downes Elementary in Newark, Delaware in 2023.

"We are excited to partner with Project Fit America to bring this unique physical education program to the teachers and students of W.B. Simpson Elementary School," said Jennifer Brooks, President and Co-founder of GOLO.

Project Fit America programs are designed to help increase children's fitness levels and are customized to fit the specific needs of each school. Project Fit America programs are also intended to complement existing physical education programs and curricula.

"Thanks to GOLO and Project Fit of America, our students will benefit from the exposure to an abundance of new programming and equipment, enhancing their physical, social, and developmental abilities and providing them with a fun and engaging experience they will remember forever," said Karine Thibault Scott, Physical Education Teacher at W.B. Simpson Elementary School.