Steve's story is proof that you can achieve your weight loss goals

Steve's story is proof that you can achieve your weight loss goals

When Steve began his GOLO journey he weighed 338 pounds. He enjoyed a happy, active, and fit life before an unfortunate hiking accident limited his mobility for over a year and a half. As the weight piled on, so did Steve’s frustration of not being able to lose weight quick enough through his limited exercise regimen.

While the weight gain was taking its toll emotionally and physically, Steve got sick and tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully he recovered, but believed his weight gain, unhealthy lifestyle, and weakened immune system made him more vulnerable. That’s when Steve decided to take back control of his life and began researching weight loss plans.

Steve's goal — get under 200 pounds!

Steve Before weight loss

Steve stepped on the scale and weighed 338.8 pounds. After researching all weight loss solutions available, he chose GOLO and began working hard to achieve his goal of getting under 200 pounds — “I got online and looked at every diet out there, but GOLO was the only one that rang true in my heart as a way to get it done!”

Nine months later, Steve achieved his goal, losing 138 pounds and 14 inches from his waist.* He considers starting GOLO the best decision he’s ever made.

“I’m so grateful for GOLO. I’ve learned that it’s not so much of a diet but a lifestyle change and, in my eyes, it saved my life!” — Steve

We are thrilled to share in Steve’s remarkable success and look forward to being part of his continued journey! We hope his story inspires you to keep moving forward in your own weight loss and wellness journey. All of us at GOLO are committed to supporting you each step of the way. You can find more inspirational GOLO member success stories here.

After successfully losing 138 lbs. with the GOLO plan, Steve became a paid GOLO contributor to help more broadly share his personal experience.

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