Happy Valentine's Day from GOLO

20 Valentine's Day Ideas (That Don't Involve Sweets)

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air. It also means that today is yet another day on the calendar you’ll find yourself inundated with temptations to eat sweets.

According to Bank Rate, Americans will spend over 26 billion dollars to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2023. And a majority of that money will likely be spent on candy. A box of chocolates may make your sweetheart happy, or at least your dentist, but what about those of us who want to experience the power of love without negatively affecting our healthy eating habits?

Whether you’re in a loving relationship or single and focused on self-care, here are 10 fun and unique Valentine’s Day ideas for you and a partner and 10 more you can do by yourself that don’t involve sweets:

Ten Ways Show Your Partner Some Love

Couple on a date in front of ferris wheel.

1. Recreate Your First Date:
Think about the first time you and your partner got together. Was your first date at a cafe and it was love at first bite? Or did you randomly bump into each other at the grocery store? Either way, retrace your steps, recreate the experience, and fall in love all over again.

2. Take a Class Together:
Whether it’s a virtual class or somewhere local, invite your partner to join you for a class you can do together. Maybe you’ll impress them with a skill they didn’t know you had, or you’ll discover a new favorite hobby you’ll both enjoy.

3. Create a Couples Bucket List:
Before turning a bucket list into a scrapbook of memories, you need to make a list. So, write them down, see what matches up with your partner, and maybe even cross something off by the end of the day!


Couple cooking together and preparing a salad made with fresh lettuce and vegetables

4. Cook Together:
You may be trying to avoid sweets, but you’ll have to eat at some point. Why not cook a healthy meal together. And because it’s a special day, you can leave the dishes for tomorrow!

Not sure what to cook? Click HERE to visit our recipes blog for healthy and delicious recipe ideas.

5. Music Makes the Heart Grow Fonder:
There’s nothing quite like the experience of watching live music. And if you can share that experience with a partner, even better. Find out where a band or musician is playing and enjoy! Can’t find live music? Try making a playlist for each other with your favorite tunes.

6. Attend a Wine Tasting Event:
A wine tasting can be a great way to spend time with a partner and maybe visit somewhere new in the process. Plus, red wine is the perfect drink (in moderation) for Valentine’s Day.


Happy couple together at a shopping mall

7. Shop Together:
Just because you want to avoid buying sweet treats for your partner doesn’t mean you can’t buy them something special. Why not take turns? Have your partner pick something out at their favorite store and do the same for you. At the very least, you know you’ll get something you love!

8. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town:
There’s likely something worth checking out in your town no matter where you live. Maybe it’s a new restaurant or a park you’ve never been to. Pick a local spot to explore and make it a date.

Couple in a car on a road trip

9. Go on a Mini Road Trip:
You don’t have to travel far to classify going for a drive as a road trip. Decide on a destination and hit the road. You can even create a road trip playlist before you go so you can groove to some tunes along the way.

10. Have a Movie Marathon:
Whether it’s an old favorite or a flick you’ve been dying to see, cuddle up with your partner on the couch and enjoy. You can even enjoy a bowl of popcorn!


Ten Self-Care Activities to Treat Yourself

1. Dance to the Music:
Create the ultimate YOU music playlist. Choose songs that are upbeat and make you happy. Then turn up the volume and dance. Not only will you feel great afterward, but you’ll also make your heart happy with a little bit of cardio!

2. Leave That Comfort Zone:

By taking a small step out of your comfort zone each day, you will open a lot of new doors and maybe even find new opportunities! Make a list of things you would like to do or try and start checking them off the list each day.

3. Be Mindful of Your Inner Dialogue:

You live most of your life inside your head. Do your best to make sure it is a nice place to be. If you start to feel down about something you did, consider what you would tell someone else who did the same thing. We tend to be much harder on ourselves than we are on others. Be kind to yourself and learn to be your own best friend!

4. Learn Something New:
Read a new book, start a new hobby, or take an interesting class. BB King once said, “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”.

Organizing a drawer
5. De-clutter:

Keeping your surroundings organized can minimize stress and make you feel accomplished. Find a drawer, shelf, or closet that you have been meaning to organize and get it done. The satisfaction you will feel after it is complete will be very rewarding.

6. Practice Positive Affirmations:

Write them down, write them on your mirror, or set up reminders on your phone. Remember—think it, believe it, do it!

7. Take Yourself Shopping:

We tend to focus on others more than we do ourselves. You deserve something special too. Go to your favorite store and pick out something that makes you happy. It could be a new item of clothing, something new for your office, or even a new tool. Can’t buy it yet? Find what you want and plan for how you will save to get it. Setting a goal and completing it is yet another way to make yourself feel good!

Woman meditating and looking peaceful
8. Take Some Quiet Time:

Take 10-15 minutes out of the day to just sit and be. No phone, no computer, no TV. Try a little meditation or simply sit on the porch and admire the view. It’s good to reward yourself with a little stress-free “me time!”

9. Pictures Say it Best:

Did you know that simply looking at a cute picture of an animal can make you happier and even more productive at work?2 If you have a pet, find your favorite photo of them, and place it in a place where you will see it often. Or take a few moments and peruse YouTube for some animal videos.

Bath salts, candles, and other spa related items on a granite countertop
10. Have a Spa Day (Even if it is in Your Home):

Taking time out of your day to relax is the ultimate way to treat yourself. Book an appointment for a pedicure, facial, or massage. Don’t want to spend the money? Light some candles, pour yourself a cucumber water, and draw yourself a hot bubble bath! You deserve it!

Reward your loved one and yourself this Valentine’s Day by incorporating as many of these suggestions as you’d like. Whether you’re focusing on your mental health or physical health, the important thing to remember is that you deserve a special treat, just as long as it’s not covered in chocolate!


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