"Thanks to GOLO, I found my waistline!" - Rory Lee

I was booked on a TV commercial shoot for GOLO, with one of the production companies I work with. I had no idea what the product was or who the people coming into the makeup studio would be. As each person came in and sat down, I began hearing about the incredible transformations they had undergone! Their stories were so uplifting. Truly LIFE-CHANGING! Their confidence was boosted, and their health revolutionized! Some of these folks had gotten rid of half their body weight! This got my attention. After listening to the real life testimonials and looking into the natural ingredients of the product, I decided to give it a try.

After a plethora of diets, cleanses, teas, and deprivation type weight loss fads; nothing I did helped me drop the unwanted pounds, especially around my mid section. It didn’t make sense because I’ve always eaten healthy and clean, live an active life, get my steps in and even hit the gym; so I could not understand what was causing me not to shed the extra weight. I stopped stepping on a scale because I came to accept that there was no hope “at my age”. It was always deflating at my annual check-up to hear my Dr say that I was overweight for my height and body frame. It was a constant struggle mentally and physically.

With all the other weight loss plans I had to cut things out of my meal plan. This was always difficult because of my schedule, and not all production jobs offer healthy vegetarian meal options. Being freelance and mobile makeup artist, there’s only so much food I can carry on the go! With GOLO I’ve been able to eat like I always do; fully balanced meals including carbs, and then take just 1 Release supplement after each meal. This is so simple and most importantly EFFECTIVE. In 4 months I shed 10 pounds and have kept it off. So happy that my curves are finally there again. My mid section is no longer out of proportion. Thanks to GOLO I found my waistline! Loving my life with GOLO! 💙

I too am now a GOLO success story!


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Rory Lee



With Gratitude,

Rory Lee

Lead Artist, CEO & Founder