Sharon’s remarkable journey from failed diets to life-changing casting calls!

Sharon's remarkable journey from failed diets to life-changing casting calls!

The first time we spoke with Sharon, she found success with GOLO after failed attempts at fad and starvation diets. Thanks to balanced eating and Release®, she successfully lost 52 pounds, wore her daughter’s prom dress to a Christmas party, and felt better than ever.

We were so impressed by her success that we featured her in a GOLO commercial. But her remarkable journey didn’t stop there.

With increased confidence and the desire to pursue her dream of being a model, Sharon shared her photos from the commercial with a casting agency. The agency loved her photos, and she was offered two modeling jobs!

“It’s been a whirlwind of exciting shoots and new opportunities. I am calling this chapter of my life ‘my second act.’”

Various pictures of Sharon during her professional photo shoot.

We are incredibly proud that Sharon’s weight loss with GOLO has inspired her to make her modeling dreams come true.

“Dreams do come true with GOLO by my side! When you believe in yourself and find the right support, anything is possible.”

We caught up with Sharon after her modeling opportunities, and she shared these amazing photos with us, plus her three keys to weight loss that helped her succeed. 

Sharon’s three keys to success. 

Make a mental commitment: You need to get your mindset right. I believe I experienced positive results physically because of how I committed mentally.

Follow the Plan: I’m not a food prep person, but I was still able to follow the Plan for all three meals. That also meant giving up some of the junk foods my body didn’t need. And I don’t miss it. I always listened to my body, and it told me I was doing something right.

Get moving: You have to move. You don’t have to move fast, you just have to move. Just start walking. I’m more active and my family sees the difference in me.

Sharon loves her healthy lifestyle and feels like her GOLO journey has been life-changing. She wants her story to inspire others to go after their dreams.

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