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Photos from Janet's GOLO Journey

Never Quit on Your Weight Loss Dreams

After being overweight her whole life Janet almost gave up the dream of being in shape for her 65th birthday. She thought she’d be "fat for the rest of my life". But one day, she saw a GOLO commercial on TV, did intense research, read all the comments from doctors and testimonials, and decided to give GOLO a try!

Within just days, she was losing weight and feeling amazing! As she explained in our Facebook group community: "So many positive changes happened in my life! I noticed that while following the plan, I had to eat more than before (of the right foods, obviously), but I am not hungry all the time like I was, and I don't crave "bad" snacks anymore! After suffering from insomnia my whole life, now I have little to no trouble getting to sleep! GOLO is something that I know I can follow forever without looking back!"

Her doctor was pleased with the health improvements that Janet has achieved with GOLO as well. After a routine check-up, he asked her to discontinue with the blood pressure medication she had been taking for over 15 years. Janet also is recovering from a shoulder replacement in record time. Her electro cardiology was excellent, and her blood pressure was in normal range. She went home the same day and reached the first phase of recovery in two weeks instead of the six weeks that doctors predicted!

She told us about the exciting moments she had during her journey. Not having to wear XXL men’s shirts anymore and being able to shop in the ladies' department was one of them! Also, switching her mindset to become a more active and proactive person! Since she started GOLO, she enjoys having an active lifestyle! To exercise, she uses a treadmill climber, stretches, does sit-ups, and loves to work on her garden. One example of how she became more proactive: During a recent vacation in a mountain cabin with her family, she decided to stay active by swimming 8-10 laps per day. After swimming, she would walk 15-25 laps around the pool at a brisk pace. Janet lost 4.8 lbs. in two weeks—on a vacation!

Janet’s weight loss dreams are now being realized. Her GOLO stats tell us how great she did on her weight loss journey. She started on October 8, 2018, at 219.4 lbs., with a goal of reaching 149 lbs. After reaching her goal this year, she told us, "I am wondering if I might end up losing even more! I am letting my body decide how much weight I will lose. GOLO changed my life, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Thank you to the founders. You have, in a sense, saved my life!”

Remember that it’s never too late! Make your weight loss dreams come true with #GOLOforLife!

By: Maria Amado