GOLO helped Michael get back to his competitive racing weight

GOLO helped Michael get back to his competitive racing weight

Michael is a marathon runner known for being an ‘exercise maniac.’ In addition to regular exercise, he ate healthy and prided himself in keeping in shape.

But over a 17-month period, Michael experienced health complications that caused him to gain 60 pounds. And despite seeing a number of specialists and continuing to eat right, he couldn’t lose those extra pounds.

“I went to many doctors to help me get back to my competitive racing weight, but nothing seemed to work. I was at my wits end and willing to try anything." 

That’s when he discovered GOLO.

Results happened fast!

“I began to see results immediately. After the first week of GOLO I lost 1.6 pounds, and I’m a pretty hard-core guy, so once I started losing weight, I stayed the course.”

One eating habit Michael struggled with the most was late-night snacking, driven by his sweet tooth. He feared it would continue to be an issue but taking the Release® supplement helped curb his cravings.

“After taking Release, the weight just started falling off. Over the course of 33 weeks, I stuck to the eating plan and lost over 60 pounds. All that time, I never had one craving and didn’t even eat between meals.”

Back to his old self

Now that the weight is off, Michael is happy to be back on track with his training. 

“I am back to my old self, getting up early, working hard, and feeling good about myself. The health issues and the problems that I was suffering from have almost completely gone away and I’m getting pretty close to 100%. My energy level is extremely elevated and frankly, I can do what most 25-year-olds can do.” 

Amazed at the results

Michael insists that as long as GOLO continues to work, he’ll continue to follow it. But he’s not the only one who’s happy with his progress.

“My doctor is amazed at my results and he is actually recommending it to his patients at this point.”

If you’re struggling with your weight, Michael suggests you try GOLO and stick with it! 

“GOLO worked for me. It can work for you too if you stick to it.”

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