Kelly and her family before and after photos.

Kelly made her weight loss journey a family affair thanks to GOLO.

Like many people struggling with their weight, Kelly made a few weight loss attempts before, but nothing would stick. She'd start a diet, but after two or three months, she would plateau and couldn't lose any more.
After seeing a GOLO commercial, Kelly was intrigued by the promise of losing weight by eating 'real food' and decided to give GOLO a try. But this time, she didn't want to take her journey alone. Since her daughter always struggled with overeating and her husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes, the whole family got involved.

What Kelly and her family liked about GOLO.

After the first few weeks, Kelly was pleasantly surprised by how many nutritious options she could choose from and that the meals kept her full and satisfied.


"Other plans were harder to stick with because of the restrictions. With GOLO, it was easier because I didn't feel deprived. And I liked that we weren't eating anything artificial. It's just real food."


After losing weight, Kelly's family started feeling the GOLO difference in multiple ways.

Besides losing weight, Kelly started sleeping better and had more energy, her husband's back wasn’t bothering him nearly as much, and her daughter was more active and had an easier time controlling her portions. But the non-scale victory they enjoyed the most was getting a new wardrobe.

"Because of GOLO, we all needed smaller clothes! I went through our attic and started wearing things that used to be too small and could share some of my clothes with my daughter."

Kelly also found that she felt better mentally and was proud of what she had accomplished. And so far, they've lost a combined total of 102 pounds!

"I had more self-confidence in my body and was proud of myself. I loved talking about my weight loss; it brought a real sense of pride. Now, I approach the day with a more positive mindset and feel better about life in general."

How Kelly's family eats healthy while traveling.

As a family that likes to travel, Kelly loved that they could stick with the GOLO Plan even when they weren't home.

"We travel a lot and look for places that serve real food. Everywhere we go, we find something we can eat. We recently went on a family cruise, and it's nice to see how different we look in our pictures."

A little food prep goes a long way.

Kelly attributes a lot of her success to prepping food in advance. While she enjoys cooking, she says you don't have to be a master cook to make good meals.

"Preparation is key because it puts you in control of what you eat. So before you get started, I would suggest starting with the GOLO Shopping List to build meals that suit your taste. Meals don't have to be fancy. Just cook some meat, freeze it in portions, then it's easy to figure out which veggies and carbs can go with it."

Kelly found a sense of community with GOLO. 

Kelly is extremely happy with the weight she and her family have been able to lose. But she did not expect to gain a sense of community along the way.

"When I posted some before and after pictures on the GOLO Facebook page, lots of people in the community were encouraging and helpful, especially when I posted pictures of my daughter. She is really proud of herself. She lost 50 pounds and loves the accolades she gets."

When asked what her biggest tip is to help other GOLO customers be successful, she talked about how to stay motivated.

"Once you get into a routine, look for non-scale victories. That's what will keep you motivated when the scale is stuck." 


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