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How to take the Release Supplement

The ingredients in the Release® supplement work to help support your hormones and metabolism so that you can lose weight faster. When combined with GOLO for Life® way of eating, you can expect to see steady weight loss, more energy, and even get better sleep!

When should I take release?

Release should only be taken with food. You can take it as you begin, during, or right after the meal. It should never be taken on an empty stomach; doing so could cause low blood sugar. For this reason, we don’t suggest taking Release before you sit down to eat just in case you get distracted and don’t start the meal right way.

If you just finished eating and realize that you forgot to take your Release, don’t worry. You can still take it up to 20 minutes after you’ve eaten. If it has been longer than 20 minutes, we would suggest skipping the dose. This is because Release works to help keep your insulin levels steady, and insulin is produced when you eat. Taking it after 20 minutes means it will no longer be as effective.

How many Release supplements should I take?

The standard dosage is 1 with each meal, or 3 per day. We don’t suggest taking more than 2 per meal, or 6 per day on a regular basis. Taking more than the recommended dosage is not going to help you to lose weight faster.

In order to see the best results, make sure you are following the recommended servings and portions laid out on your Smart Card when putting your meals together and that you are eating 3 meals per day.

If you earn bonus servings and have a significant snack (a full protein serving + full carb serving, for example), you can take a Release, if desired.

Note, some people find that they might need an additional Release at times, but not everyone does. We suggest starting with the standard dosage first to see how you feel and how your weight loss progresses before making any adjustments to your dosage.

Here are some reasons why you might add an additional Release:

Going “off plan” If you have an “off plan” meal, such as: larger than the typically recommended servings, extra carb serving(s), fast food, or you are eating at a restaurant, you may consider taking two Release at that meal.

High stress: If you experience high levels of stress which could result in eating more than the recommended amount, you might consider taking an additional Release.

Consistent hunger and cravings: If you find that you have consistent hunger or cravings at a certain time daily, consider taking an additional Release with the meal that occurs before this time of day. For example – if you notice that you are always hungry in the afternoons then you might add an extra supplement at lunch.

IMPORTANT TIP - Before you decide to take an extra Release on a regular basis due to stress, hunger, or cravings, we strongly suggest that you first take a close look at your meals. If you are not eating the correct number of servings OR are not eating three meals per day as suggested on the GOLO Smart Card, this is most likely the reason why you are having these feelings.

Taking an additional Release will not make you feel full if you are not eating enough. Check to make sure that you are eating two full servings of protein and two full cups of vegetables along with your carbohydrate and fat servings each time you eat.

If you have reviewed your meals and have confirmed that you are eating the right number of servings, the next thing you should do is examine the types of food you are eating. Some items may keep you feeling full longer than others. For example, broccoli and cauliflower are more satiating than cucumbers or lettuce; and potatoes can be more filling than bread. Try keeping a food journal for a few days to see what foods work best for you.

It’s important to remember that it is okay if it takes you a while before you start feeling less hungry. Give yourself time to adjust to your new way of eating. What we have found when talking with our customers over the years is that most of the time, they either aren’t eating enough OR they need to break the habit of snacking. Many things are happening to both your body and mind as you start a new eating regimen. Try to be patient with yourself and trust the process.

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