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Bottle of GOLO Release

How to Take Release

Release should only be taken with food, you can take it anytime either at the beginning, during or after your meal. You should never take Release on an empty stomach – doing so could cause low blood sugar.We have noticed some members mentioning taking it before the meal, the reason we don’t suggest doing this is because we don’t want you to take it and get distracted and not eat right way; but if you take it as you are beginning your meal then you are good!Release is also effective up to 20 minutes after (if you forget to take it while you are eating). If you take it after that 20-minute period, it really will no longer be effective. This is because Release works to help regulate the hormones that affect weight gain so you can lose weight faster. One of these hormones is insulin and insulin is produced when you eat. So, if you take it too long after eating the insulin has already been released into the bloodstream and Release won’t be able to do its job as it was intended.


The standard dosage is 1 with each meal, or 3 per day. We suggest that everyone start with this dosage – you can always add more if you like. You shouldn’t take more than 9 Release per day and we really don’t suggest taking more than 2 at each meal.Taking more Release is not necessarily going to help you to lose weight faster, it doesn’t work that way. Release helps to balance the hormones that affect weight, which helps you to feel satiated, less stress and helps your metabolism. Some people may need more Release but not everyone does.If you earn bonus servings and have a significant snack (for example a protein + carb combination), you can take a Release with the snack.

Here are some reasons why you might add an additional Release to a meal:

  • If you notice that you still have hunger or cravings add another Release to the meal before this time. For example – if you notice that you are hungry in the afternoons then you would add an additional supplement at lunch. However, before you add the extra Release, we would suggest that you take a look at your meals and make sure you are eating a balanced meal in the correct servings and portions· If you have excess belly fat or a lot of weight to lose, add an extra Release to your meals. We do suggest that you start with 1 and then only add more if you find that you need it.
  • If you are going to have a “high carb” meal (this means a meal that contains more carbs than we normally recommend) or if you have an “off plan” meal (this means the servings are larger, or aren’t balanced, or a fast food or high fat meal etc.) then you could have 2 Release with that meal.
  • If you have periods of the day where you have high stress, take an additional Release with the meal before this time. For example, if you have a high stress job you may take 2 Release with breakfast and lunch. Or if your evenings tend to be more stressful for you, then take 2 with dinner.

As we mentioned earlier, before you start adding extra Release to your meals, give yourself some time to adjust to this new way of eating. Most times we aren’t hungry, but had a habit of snacking or eating between meals. And remember, a little hunger isn’t a bad thing!

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