Guest Blog – Stairs to Success: Part 2

Guest Blog – Stairs to Success: Part 2

Back in 2018, after realizing her weight was affecting her ability to care for her patients, Karen decided it was time to make a change and started her GOLO journey. 

“One day, a code was called on the second floor. A child was not breathing, and I was standing at the elevator! So angry, so hurt, so sick at myself, I went home that night and just cried on the couch. In the middle of my tears, I heard a GOLO commercial come on. I ordered that night.” 

Karen, an operating room caregiver, initially lost 11 inches and 54 total pounds, but most importantly, she was able to take multiple flights of stairs to reach her patients again.  

“The stairs will always measure my victories! On Friday, June 7, 2019, we received a pediatric code, and guess who was the first to get to the patient? I made it! I was the first! I will be forever grateful that I found GOLO and all those who are so willing to help.” 

Unfortunately, Karen recently suffered a fall and had to undergo back surgery for a shattered disk. She was once again unable to take the stairs.  

“After all my work, my back went out. It became too painful to even walk. At this point, running the stairs may never happen for me again, and I'm just devastated.” 

But Karen hasn’t let her injury get in the way of taking the stairs or caring for her patients. Thanks to the weight loss she experienced while using GOLO, Karen is recovering and slowly getting back to her old self.  

“My prognosis for recovery is excellent, and the damage done limited because I lost the weight. GOLO got me to the top of the stairs once, kept me there, and now, [I’m] recovering from back surgery. GOLO is helping get back there  one stair at a time!!” 

Karen was recently released from the hospital and was able to climb the porch stairs leading up to her home.  

“Guess who took the stairs? All five of them! Doctor said if I had weighed what I did two years ago, I would not have been able to do that! GOLO wins again for me.” 


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