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Guest Blog- Amber - My GOLO Journey

This is my GOLO story so far..........

So, I was always a big girl. After I had kids it just never came off. I always said oh it is baby fat it will fall off eventually but nope it just kept on coming on. I suffer from anxiety and depression so I don't really think that helped much with my weight problems. When my oldest son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy I was thrown into a horrible depression. All I wanted to do was lay around, eat, and feel sorry for myself.  When you hear your only child has a life-threatening disease there is no cure for you kind of lose your mind for a minute.  After I had my second child, I got a little better with it all. I didn't try to lose weight or anything but the depression was under control and my will to live was better. Our life was peaceful and normal. And we sat around watched our babies grow.

When my youngest was 2 we decided to go to Gulf Shores and visit my best friend. It was 2014. I was so excited because I hadn't seen her in a few years. And because of my depression I didn't talk to anyone anymore so going all the way from Indiana to Alabama was a huge thing for me. When we got there, I was miserable. I couldn't sit outside with everyone because I swelled up. We went to the beach and I thought I was having a heat stroke just from walking from where we were sitting back to the car. I sat there on the beach a whopping 310 pounds huffing and puffing, heaving. I was so embarrassed. I finally got cooled enough and I made it to the car. Let me just tell you that was one of the lowest days of my life.

After we got back home, I told myself I am going to get healthy. I am going to do something because that was so embarrassing for myself and family. I did lose a little weight. About 40 pounds I was drinking a health shake. I started walking and it seemed to help. Then life happens again and when I get stressed, I eat. ALOT!!

My cousins 2 kids in 2018 came to live with us in 2015 and we ended up adopting them in 2018. Between the time we got them and the time I started GOLO I had gone from 290 all the way to up 320.

So here it is March 2019. Me and my daughter are sitting in the living room watching TV. Now this is where things start getting exciting. As were watching, a commercial comes on for GOLO. My daughter says Amber you should try that. Now I will be honest I had seen this commercial before several times and thought I should try that but then just said no I would probably just waste my money like I have with everything else. But there was something that clicked when my daughter said that. That night I got on my laptop and ordered the starter kit for GOLO. I will tell you I was so hesitant. But I have tried everything so why not? What do I have to lose besides a few bucks? Little did I know it would end up being a life changer!!!

I was so excited when my kit came in. I read through the stuff and thought man I am not going to like some of this food so I will just get some of those frozen Birdseye dinners and Lean Cuisines. The day I actually started was March 16, 2019 I weighed in at 320 pounds and my wait was 62 inches.

So, from March until about May I ate the frozen dinners and started cleaning my house a bit more. I was starting to feel better. I even was being social with other moms. I knew then that GOLO was actually helping me.  I had lost around 25 pounds by then so I decided to start trying some of the GOLO recipes. I started simple like with a GOLO oatmeal and a GOLO lunch and dinner.  After starting eating their recipes I was doing even better. My mood was improving so much. My activity levels were better than they had been in forever.

By June we decided to get a pool pass for our town pool. I was scared to death going to the public pool. Kids can be cruel and so can some adults. But I never once was even given a second glance. At first anyways. For the first couple weeks I just laid in the sun. Got an awesome tan. Talked to a few mothers there with their kids. I started to feel comfortable. So, one day as I was sitting there watching the kids play, I decided I was going to get in the water. For some reason I just started walking back and forth in the pool doing laps. I got to where I could do 2 miles a day in the water. I was also going to water aerobics 2 nights a week. I was feeling amazing, getting exercise and eating healthy. My clothes were getting looser and most of all I was feeling happy again.

The day came that we all dreaded (well kind of) the first day of school. I wouldn't be able to go to the pool everyday what was I going to do. I walked some around town. But it was still hot I do not do hot. For like 3 weeks I laid around. I was still feeling good still and weight was still coming off but I was just feeling like I needed to do something. So, I started going to a local church that had a walking track on the balcony. I can do 4 miles as long as my feet don't get all sore.

So, I have gone from being an unhappy, depressed, anxious, hot mess, to a healthier, not so much depressed or anxious hot mess. HAHA My life has changed more in the past 8 months because of GOLO and my lifestyle change than I thought it would have or could have. GOLO has been my salvation and I am so grateful for that night me and my daughter was watching TV. I still have a long way to go. Since starting GOLO I have lost 55 pounds and 8 inches around my waist. My clothes are all loose. I have clothes I had bought that didn't fit, I stashed them away saying I'll wear it one day to actually being able to wear it!!

I know one thing I am so excited for more of this journey. I also know I haven't felt better in my life. I know there are better things to come! I know with my GOLO family I can succeed. I have some stressful days ahead of me with finding out my dad has lung cancer, and with my son and grandma’s health issues it is going to get hard. BUT I am GOLO strong and unbreakable!!!

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