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Simple answers to GOLO's most frequently asked questions.

What can I eat?

One of the best things about GOLO is that you can choose what to eat at every meal! You don’t have to follow a specific meal plan and you never have to eat something you don’t like.

The easiest way to create delicious, healthy meals is by following the serving and portion sizes recommended on your Smart Card™ that comes with your GOLO for Life® Plan order. The Smart Card follows our 2-1-2-1 philosophy, with each meal being made up of two protein servings, a healthy carbohydrate, two vegetable servings, and a healthy fat.

This simple way of eating ensures that you get the proper amount of food in the right balance so you lose fat, not muscle.

Meal planning can be simple and basic or more sophisticated and creative. Do what works best for your lifestyle.

You can also access additional resources such as meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and much more through your free myGOLO account on our website.

Do I have to eat breakfast and/or why do I have to eat three meals a day?

For the best results, we recommend eating three meals a day.

Eating three full meals helps to optimize your metabolism. Before you started GOLO, you might not have been hungry at certain times of the day. In many cases, this is simply because you have trained your body not to feel hungry because you didn’t eat a full meal.

Starting the day with a healthy meal can help jumpstart your metabolism, and eating on a regular schedule throughout the day may help prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

When you start to eat regularly, as the GOLO Plan suggests, you should begin to notice that you are feeling hungry when it is time for a meal. Don’t be alarmed by this. It is actually a sign that your metabolism is functioning as it should. You are hungry because it is time to eat.

When first starting, some customers are concerned that eating more meals than they did before will cause them to gain weight. However, this is generally not the case. We have found that customers who skip meals or eliminate food groups (such as healthy carbohydrates & fats) regularly have a harder time seeing results. So, stick to your Plan and let GOLO work for you just as it has for so many others!

What if I have an “off-plan” meal at a party, special occasion, etc.?

Our tagline is GOLO for Life for a reason – it’s a lifestyle, not a diet!

Simply put, life happens, and we don’t want you to feel like you are isolated from it. When it is time for a holiday party or celebratory dinner, you should enjoy it. One “off-plan” meal is not going to derail your progress. 

You should do your best to eat a balanced meal, even if the items in the meal are not perfect. This ‘progress over perfection’ mindset will help you enjoy your special occasion without the guilt and get back on track at your next meal. And don’t forget to take your Release® supplement!

Again, don’t beat yourself up if you decide to indulge, and don’t let one ‘off-plan’ meal cause you to backslide.

We believe that allowing yourself these simple celebrations leads to long-term success and we have the success stories to prove it!


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