From Customer to Employee – Karen I.

From Customer to Employee – Karen I.

Karen started her weight loss journey with GOLO as a customer in July 2020. After feeling frustrated about her wardrobe not fitting and feeling like she didn't look nice in her clothes, she saw a Facebook ad for GOLO and decided to give it a try. Her primary motivation for losing weight was to feel comfortable in her own skin.

When she first started, she weighed 210 lbs. and hoped to lose 45 lbs. She surpassed her goal, losing a total of 58lbs, and has maintained this loss for over a year. Karen says she feels more beautiful, healthier, and happiest than ever before because of GOLO. 

Because of her outstanding results, she was asked to do a testimonial for a TV commercial. Flash forward to October 2021, Karen went to LA to meet with other GOLO customers who experienced similar success to film the commercial.

At the shoot, Karen met Amber, who was also a GOLO success story, and now works for GOLO as a customer support representative. After their conversation, Karen realized how many more benefits GOLO offered than her previous job as a preschool aide and how much more fulfilling this type of job could be.

Karen started working in the GOLO order center in December 2021 and has since moved into the customer support team. She is also helping to locate new GOLO customers who might want to tell their story and be a GOLO testimonial on TV just like her!

Some of Karen's favorite tips to give to GOLO customers are:

  1. Find someone in your life who supports your goals. Everyone needs someone in their corner to encourage them, even if it's just a friend or a co-worker. If this is something you don't have, the private GOLO Facebook group is a great place to go for support! It is also an invaluable resource for asking questions, sharing victories, help with overcoming shortcomings, and getting advice on how others make GOLO work for them.
  2. Try not to fixate on the scale. Weighing yourself once a week is more than enough. Look for other evidence of weight loss, such as being more comfortable in your clothes or having an easier time getting out of a chair
  3. Keep a dedicated notebook to track your progress. It will feel great to look back through the pages and see how far you've come.

Karen's journey with GOLO has been truly transformative. She acknowledged her challenges, embraced her bad habits and insecurities, and insisted on fitting new patterns into her daily routine. She was determined to make impactful changes in her life and now for others. You never know, the next time you give GOLO a call, you might just reach Karen!

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