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Everything you need to know about GOLO's Bonus Servings

GOLO can work for anyone, but factors like gender, age, activity level and exercise may cause you to have different food intake needs. For this reason, we have created Bonus Servings.

When following GOLO, everyone starts with the same meal structure as laid out on the Smart Card that comes with your first order. Each meal should contain: 2 protein servings, 1 carbohydrate serving, 1-2 vegetable servings, and 1 fat serving

(Note: - vegetables are optional at breakfast).  

What is a Bonus Serving?

An additional serving of either protein or carbohydrates = 1 Bonus Serving.

What do I eat as a Bonus Serving?

The best option for Bonus Servings is protein, but you can choose to add a carbohydrate to a meal instead. Protein is a better choice because carbs are more rapidly digested and can have a greater effect on blood sugar than protein.

Who gets a Bonus Serving?

If you fall into any of the following categories, you will get additional Bonus
Serving(s) per day.

 Daily Bonus Servings Number of Servings
Under the age of 35
Moderate life activity
Very active lifestyle or physical labor job



Activity level information:

  • 8,500-10,000 steps per day = Moderate activity
  • 12,500 + steps per day = Very active

How can I earn a Bonus Serving?

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 Bonus Servings can also be earned with exercise.

  • 30 minutes of walking or moderate exercise – 1 Bonus Serving
    • Examples: walking should be brisk - 4 mph; gardening/yard work, bicycling, water aerobics
  • 30 minutes of intense exercise – 2 Bonus Servings
    • Examples: running, hiking, aerobics, swimming laps, weightlifting, cycling (10+ mph)

When deciding how many servings you have earned, take into consideration that performing moderate exercise should raise your heart rate, but you should be able to hold a minimal conversation.

When performing intense exercise, your heart rates should be significantly raised, and you should not be able to hold a conversation without having to stop to catch your breath.

For example, a 1-hour aerobics class would not automatically count as 4 Bonus Servings. Aerobics is considered intense, but to earn 4 Bonuses, you should be completely winded (not able to speak) for the entire hour. Because you have both warmup and cool down in these types of classes, you will most likely earn approximately 2 servings.

Keeping this example in mind for other activities will help you to determine the appropriate amount of Bonus Servings you earn with exercise.

How do I add Bonus Servings to my daily food plan?

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Add to your daily meals
You can add your Bonus Serving to any of your daily meals throughout the day.

As a snack
Typically, GOLO doesn’t recommend snacks unless you are going more than 5-6 hours between meals. But you can use your Bonus Serving as a snack if you would like.

Note: carbohydrates should never be eaten by themselves because of how they affect your blood sugar. If choosing an item for a snack, make sure you pick a protein.

Example – if you earn 1 Bonus Serving

  • Add an additional egg or an extra ½ cup fruit to your breakfast
  • Add an extra 3 oz of protein or have a glass of wine with your lunch or dinner
  • Eat a boiled egg as a snack after your workout

Example – if you earn 2 Bonus Servings

  • Add an additional egg to breakfast and an extra 3 oz. of protein to your lunch or dinner
  • Eat a boiled egg and a 2 oz. serving of nuts as a snack after your workout

Do I have to use my Bonus Servings?

If you perform exercise consistently and do not consume the additional suggested Bonus Servings, weight loss can stall. If you don’t eat enough, your body may hold onto fat reserves rather than use the energy from the food you eat and release stored fat. Additionally, you risk losing muscle instead of fat.

If you engage in an exercise that isn’t overly intense (such as a walk or light yoga/stretching), skipping a Bonus Serving occasionally should not affect your progress.

However, if you start to see your weight loss stall, we suggest that you review your daily meals and exercise to consider if a Bonus Serving should be added.

What if I earn multiple Bonus Servings in a day?

Depending on the type of exercise you do, some days you might earn several Bonus Servings. If you find it hard to eat all the servings, try to eat at least 1 or 2. We don’t want you to feel overstuffed, but we also don’t want you to stall your weight loss by eating too little after exercise.

Typically, the Bonus Servings you earn should be consumed. But the most important thing to consider with bonuses (especially when you get multiple servings), is what you choose to eat.

As stated above, protein is the best option although you can add a carbohydrate or even a glass of wine or piece of dark chocolate. However, you can undo all the hard work you have done if you choose lower quality foods for your bonus servings.

Try to incorporate your Bonus Servings into your meals rather than having multiple snacks throughout the day.

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