Pictures from Melanie's GOLO Journey

Do it your way and lose weight

These days, immediate solutions are a must. Need to deposit a check? Use an online banking portal. Looking for love? Swipe on a dating app. Hungry? Drive to a fast food spot. But oftentimes, these quick fixes aren’t smart or healthy.

The reality is, there is no magic pill we can take to lose weight immediately –– we have to listen to our bodies and put in hard work. Just ask Melanie Yozwiak. Her courage and determination helped transform her life.

“I walked into a doctor’s office to get my knees checked, and the first thing out of his mouth was that I needed to lose weight –– but that was something I already knew,” she explains.

“He offered me a shot of cortisone to get some relief, but I said NO! Not only because I am a big baby, and I am afraid of needles, but also because if it weren’t for this pain, I wouldn’t listen to my body. I walked out of the doctor’s office with the mindset that I was going to lose weight. Not with a crazy diet… I was going to do it my way.”

Melanie started on the GOLO program at 320 pounds in February 2018. Then, one year later, she was down 90 pounds, and by January 2020, she now weighs 198 pounds. That is a total weight loss of 122 pounds!

Here are some weight loss tips inspired by her GOLO journey:

1. Take it one day at a time

If there’s a day when you don’t exactly follow the plan, remember: Tomorrow is a new day. Melanie has been through a couple of celebrations while in the GOLO program, and she enjoyed them! “It’s OK to cheat. Trust me, you’ll be fine. Tomorrow is a new day, and you will get right back to your weight loss journey.”

2. Stay accountable –– but don’t become obsessed

Melanie rarely weights herself, but she keeps track of her inches. If you don’t see the number on the scale change, try not get obsessed! It doesn’t mean you are not making progress. Most people judge their weight loss progress on how many pounds they have lost, but the truth is, the scale is not the most accurate representation of progress.

3. Do it your way

Melanie doesn’t always enjoy going to the gym. On GOLO, that is completely fine! You have to push yourself to be better and get healthier. In Melanie’s case, she loves to walk her dog, Lola.

4. Find support and stay positive

Remember to surround yourself with family members and friends who are proud of your decisions. They will help you through your journey! Plus, don’t forget that GOLO has fantastic customer service and a very strong Facebook community, where you can always get advice, recipes, and motivation!