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From GOLO Customer to Employee

Amber first started her journey with GOLO as a customer in March 2019; she was 320lbs and had a goal to be 150lbs. It is now September 2021; Amber has lost 128lbs, is healthier, happier, stronger, and loving life. We asked Amber why she started GOLO. She said, "I had struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I was the fat kid; then I was the fat woman. I had people stare at me; kids would laugh at me. It hurt but, I had accepted that I was fat and would be forever. I was an emotional and stress eater. I believe I was a food addict as well. I would hide sweets so no one else could get them. That is until I saw the GOLO commercial."

amber before  amber before

March 16, 2019

Amber's journey with GOLO has been life-changing. She understood what it was like to feel hopeless, trying all sorts of things to lose weight. She was depressed and anxious and knew she needed a lifestyle change. Amber took control of her life, worked immensely hard, and continues to better herself everyday. She understands what it is like, so what did she do? She decided to join the GOLO team!

Amber told us, "I decided to join the GOLO team is because they helped save my life. Without the support of the amazing staff and this amazing company, I would have never learned how to get healthy. I wanted to help others who are struggling to lose weight, who have tried everything and not succeeded with other programs. I am a huge believer in this product and company and just wanted to share the love with everyone else. When GOLO offered me this position. I could not pass it up! It is so rewarding, and I hope to help others in the same way that way that they helped me."

Amber after 
May 24, 2021


Amber started with GOLO in July 2021 and has already begun helping people who have gone through similar experiences. Her most memorable being, "I was on a call with a lady, we were talking for a while, she just happened to mention she has DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) and a son who had DMD, my son also has DMD so, we really connected."

Every day Amber chooses to better her life and can help you to better yours. She is the true definition of being an inspiration to others.

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