The new you: how a little progress each day adds up to big results

The new you: how a little progress each day adds up to big results

In our fast-paced world where we can access information in seconds, microwave food in minutes, and get practically anything delivered to our front door in a matter of days, our minds are usually focused on the ‘now’. Which means it’s not always easy to think about the person you will be in three months, six months, or one year.

However, when you start a weight loss journey, you’re almost forced to think about the future because losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way happens over time, not overnight. But with some dedication, a proper plan, and the right attitude, the new you can experience life to its fullest. 

Which is what makes losing weight so rewarding.

At GOLO, we encourage you to take the time to think about the transformation you can have when you make a little bit of progress each day and the rewards that come with living a healthier lifestyle.

Read about the life-changing effects our customers have experienced by following the GOLO for Life Plan:


I can fit more comfortably in a chair – Julie H.

I can breathe much easier – Jennifer K.

I can cross my legs comfortably – Peggy H.

I can run on a treadmill for two straight minutes – Araceli SJ.

I can tie my shoes without struggling – Sandra H.

I can wear my wedding ring again – Helene B.

I no longer have to take pre-diabetes medication – Susan H.

I can ride my bike again – Donna E.

I no longer have to take sleeping medication – Phyllis H.

I can tuck my shirt in again – Kathy H

How can GOLO help you transform from the person you are now to a new, healthier you?



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One of the most important things you get with the GOLO for Life Plan is knowledge. We provide you with foundational information on why previous weight loss attempts may not have worked for you, how you can create steady, lasting weight loss, and why eating healthy, balanced meals is the key to losing weight and feeling great.


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While it’s possible to lose weight on your own, you may find that it’s easier to live a healthier lifestyle when you GOLO together. Which is why we’ve created an incredible support team with helpful customer service members and an active Facebook community that are all available to you at no additional cost.

GOLO’s private Facebook group is an active and supportive online community where you can chat with GOLO staff and other members who know what you’re going through. Ask about meal ideas, encourage newcomers, and help stay motivated throughout your journey!

Click HERE to request to join the group. Note – you will need your GOLO order number or the email address on your GOLO account to request to join.

All Customer Service agents are trained GOLO employees who know our program inside and out! Customer service staff is available Monday – Friday 9am-5:30pm EST 1-800-730-GOLO (4656) or

A plan:

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If you don’t know how to get started on your weight loss journey, GOLO provides you with a solid plan for creating healthy, balanced meals thanks to our GOLO for Life Smart Card.

The Smart Card provides you with the basics on how to create simple, balanced meals using all four food groups.

Don’t know what to eat? Don’t worry! We also provide hundreds of recipes you can make, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen. Our recipes will give you lots of ideas for making delicious meals you love using real food that tastes great.

The new you isn’t as far off as you think

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The goals you set and the rewards you can achieve by living a healthier lifestyle are uniquely yours. With our framework of knowledge, support, and a plan to get you started, you can feel confident knowing that what you’re doing now can eventually lead to loving the new you in the future! 



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