Your Halloween Survival Guide

Your Halloween Survival Guide

Children in costumes aren’t the only thing that will be knocking on your door this Halloween — temptation will be right there with them.

You may be wondering how you’re going to avoid it. But, don’t be scared… we have lots of tips to help you enjoy the holiday, while simultaneously staying on track!

  • Buy candy you don’t love — This will make it easier to resist. If you like chocolate, buy gummy and fruity candies. If you like gummy and fruity candies, buy chocolate!
  • Pass out non-candy items — There is no law that says you HAVE to pass out candy on Halloween! Buy little fun things like spider rings, stickers, tattoos, glow sticks and bubbles.
  • Manage your hunger — Make sure you eat enough throughout the day, so you are less likely to experience hunger and cravings at night.
  • Treat yourself — Go out for a nice dinner on Halloween night, avoiding the candy tradition altogether! There are plenty of other houses for the children to go to.
  • Be mindful — If you do choose to have a treat, be mindful of how many you have. It’s easy to keep eating fun-sized candy bars, lose track, and all of a sudden, you have 10 wrappers in front of you.
  • Wait until the last minute — Wait until the day of Halloween to buy candy, that way there is less time for you to be tempted!
Halloween doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible. Making sure you are prepared, physically and mentally, will make it fly by!
A pumpkin head bowl, filled with halloween toys

What to do with Halloween candy

“I made it through Halloween night but this candy is still haunting me!”

  1. Candy buy-back programs — Many dentists and orthodontists participate in these programs and will actually give your children money in exchange for their candy. Anything that saves their teeth and gets rid of temptation for you has to be a good idea!
  2. Mail your candy to the troops — Operation Gratitude has a Halloween candy program that sends care packages to the troops. (More information can be found here to visit the Operation Gratitude website. 
  3. The Switch Witch — Similar to the Halloween Fairy, the Switch Witch is asking for candy because she loves it so much. Have your children pick a few pieces of candy to keep and then leave the rest out for her and she will switch it with a toy, clothes, or even money. (More information can be found here to visit the Mama Natural website.
  4. Experiments — There are all types of fun science experiments that you can do with candy! This accomplishes two things — gets rid of it and provides a fun learning experience. (More information can be found here on an external website.
  5. “Here, take it!” — Just simply give it away!


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