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Enhance your journey with GOLO's Reset 7!

The Reset 7 is an optional one-week plan that can help enhance your weight loss journey. It is designed to temporarily remove some foods that may hinder weight loss.

You can do the Reset at the beginning of your journey or anytime you feel you need a kickstart such as after the holidays or a vacation.  

How Reset 7 works

Reset 7 is similar to the GOLO for Life® plan, but your food choices are slightly more limited.

You will still follow the 2-1-2-1 plan as laid out on the GOLO Smart Card® to put your meals together, and you will still take the Release® supplement at each meal. The only difference is that during the Reset week you will eliminate refined grains, dairy products, and red meat.

You may feel like you’re giving up certain foods you like, but the goal is to prepare your body for a successful weight loss experience or to improve your current journey. And remember, it’s just for one week!

Which foods to eliminate and why

Refined grains: This includes processed flour products like pasta, bread, tortillas, and anything made with flour. Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice are still acceptable.

Although you are eliminating refined grains, you are not eliminating all carbs. You should still  eat a carb serving at each meal, you just won’t choose carbs that contain refined grains. Instead, you’ll pick healthier options like brown rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, oatmeal or fruit.

Eliminating refined grains for this period of time can give your digestive system a rest and could help you become aware of wheat or gluten sensitivities. 

Dairy: This includes milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. Eggs are not considered dairy and can be eaten during your Reset.

Dairy products can be harder to digest than other proteins and some people realize that consuming dairy slows down weight loss. You may also notice that you feel better in general after eliminating it.

Red meat: This includes beef, pork, lamb, goat and venison. Red meats contain saturated fats that may cause inflammation. Avoiding these items for a week could make a difference in how you feel and how quickly you lose weight.

What happens after Reset 7?

After one week you can start to incorporate these foods back into your diet one at a time. This allows you to monitor how each one affects you. You might find that you feel better when you eat some of these foods sparingly, if at all.

This allows you to see how you feel and even how your weight loss is affected by that food. (For example – add dairy back first for a few days, or even  a week, then add grains, and finally red meat.)

Continue Reset 7 for longer than a week, if you prefer, or start it again when you feel you need that extra boost.

What are the benefits of Reset 7?

One of the best things about the Reset 7 is that it forces you to pay close attention to your body and weight loss based on the foods you are eating. This is invaluable information and can help not only with weight loss but with your overall health as well.

Eliminating foods that can affect digestion and weight loss more than others for a short period of time can help detox your body and promote healing and balance which in turn will make your weight loss journey easier. 

Understanding how your body reacts to certain items and even cutting out foods that affect you negatively can improve how you feel daily.

The Reset 7 is a wonderful tool that can be used anytime you feel like you are at a plateau or after a period where you might have been eating more “off plan”, such as a summer vacation or after the winter holidays.

Where can I get more information on the Reset 7?

Login to your myGOLO account to download the full Reset 7 booklet – located on the Resources page and view sample Reset 7 Meal Plans on the Meal Plans page

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