Photo from Cynthia's GOLO Journey

GOLO success story: Cynthia lost 100 lbs. in 14 months!

Every weight loss journey has its ups and downs, but it was particularly hard for Cynthia. She suffered from feelings of hopelessness due to her weight, and as her health started becoming a bigger issue, she knew something had to give.

“The older I got, the harder it was for me to lose weight. Eventually, I couldn't lose at all, even though it felt like I was starving myself. I was stuck.” 

Cynthia was desperate to lose weight but knew surgery was not for her.

After countless diets and medical appointments, talks of surgery started to pop up more and more. Although her doctors seemed to think it was a viable option, Cynthia knew that was not what she wanted.

At her highest weight, she was feeling desperate. It was at this point that she heard about a new way to lose weight with GOLO. This discovery changed everything for her. The idea of a sustainable way of losing weight without risking her life was exactly what she wanted.

After learning about GOLO, Cynthia had a renewed sense of hope.

"I was watching TV and a GOLO commercial came on. I thought I'd give it a try for a month. If I didn’t see any progress, I would just quit. I began on November 1, 2016, with a goal to lose 75 lbs.”

She set the challenge for herself and read all the material. “I was so committed because I wanted to do something. I was desperate and surprisingly the GOLO program saved my life.”

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Cynthia lost 18 pounds the first 18 days — yes, one pound per day. Since then she has lost 100 pounds total, finding the GOLO lifestyle to be effortless.

“I’m eating more food now than ever before. I never feel deprived, and I prepare food from fresh, tasty ingredients. I learned to use food for sustenance rather than gratification.”

Cynthia has found joy in the little things. 

Now she is healthy and can enjoy things that are usually taken for granted, like taking long walks, being active, enjoying her work as a teacher, and playing with her grandson. Cynthia is proud of her success and her family is proud too.

She also feels more confident than ever before. During an interview she told us, “I feel vibrant, attractive, younger, relevant, it just makes me feel like I'm part of what's happening, you know? I can wear a bathing suit and skinny jeans. It is great.”

Are you in a position where you feel like you are running out of options? Are you desperate enough to consider risking your life with surgery to lose weight. Then it's time to try a sustainable solution like Cynthia!

With GOLO, you can live the life you want –– once and for all.

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