Overcoming Emotional Eating: Why Controlling Your Emotions Are Critical to Losing Weight

Overcoming Emotional Eating: Why Controlling Your Emotions Are Critical to Losing Weight

May 12, 2021

If you are like the other two million people who have discovered GOLO, it’s likely because you were tired of feeling frustrated and asking yourself questions, such as:  Why can’t I lose weight?  What is happening to my body?  Why do I feel so bad?

The fact is, most people become overweight due to stress, fatigue, or emotional eating, and the body’s inability to manage the excess calories consumed.

Excess weight, and especially excess belly fat, cause your body to be less efficient at managing blood sugar and insulin levels. Insulin is the critical hormone that regulates the metabolism, and Insulin Resistance causes your fat cells to take over and you feel out of control because, despite your efforts, you can’t lose weight.

Stress, fatigue and Insulin Resistance all lead to hunger and cravings, low blood sugar, poor sleep and other symptoms, which drive emotional decisions like overeating or bingeing, followed by starvation dieting.  These eating habits create a vicious cycle of weight gain and yo-yo dieting that can damage your health.  They can also cause dangerous imbalances in your brain chemistry and the hormones that affect your metabolism and emotional strength.

cycle chart, arrows that say emotional eating leads to weight gain, which leads to stress, which leads to fatigue, which leads to insulin resistance, which leads to emotional eating.

This vicious cycle is very common especially if you have dieted over and over again. You try to take control, but when your body and brain chemistry are unbalanced and not aligned it’s even harder to lose weight. It’s not your fault and you are not alone!

If you are struggling with your emotions, or constantly fighting food cravings, here are a few things you can do to help break the cycle:

  1. Keep healthy snacks close by that you enjoy. Instead of reaching for chips, fast food, cakes or heavy leftovers, choose healthy alternatives like unsalted mixed nuts, Greek yogurt with berries, apples with cheese, or hummus with raw veggies.
  2. Log what you eat. Keeping track of your snacks and meals will help remind you how much food you are consuming.
  3. Relieve stress through exercise. Exercise is some of the best stress relief. Taking a walk through your neighborhood each day, or a light jog through the park, will help. If you are confined to a small area inside the house, you can try jumping jacks, yoga videos, breathing exercises or meditation. If you are looking for a total body, at-home workout, checkout the AeroTrainer by GOLO here.
  4. Drink water. Drinking more water will not only help you lose weight, it will make you feel more full. If you have the urge to snack, but realize you are not truly hungry, pour yourself a refreshing, large glass of water or seltzer. If you want to add a little more taste to your water, infuse it with fresh lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, or orange.
  5. Stay busy. Boredom and inactivity can trigger food cravings. Try to keep active and up-to-date with your favorite hobbies. Maybe even keep a puzzle nearby that you can keep working on. You can always spend a little extra time with your pet or call a friend to keep you occupied. When all else fails, just remember your “WHY”—why do you need to lose weight and get healthier? At the end of the day, your “WHY” is your biggest motivation.


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How GOLO helps
What if you could take complete control of your emotions, stress, anxiety, blood sugar and energy and finally succeed?  What if you were able to fully enjoy your relationship with food, instead of allowing food and unhealthy cravings control you? Well you can with GOLO, because GOLO truly addresses the physical and emotional reasons for weight gain and diet failure.

“GOLO has helped me reduce cravings and mindless snacking. I have been using Release for about a month and it has really helped curb my cravings and leveled out my blood sugar. I have lost about 7 pounds so far and I’m eating much healthier!”
— Patty W., North Carolina

Why can GOLO work for you?  
When you control glucose and insulin, you help stop the cycle of stress and emotional eating and starvation dieting. Starvation dieting or diet foods negatively affect blood sugar and increase stress and cortisol making stress and emotional eating worse. You end up losing more muscle and less fat, which is why you gain the weight back quickly and have to start all over again. 

GOLO is not a diet, it is a simple plan that shows you how to use food to help your body maintain a healthy balance, and can be incorporated into your life easily. The whole family can eat the same foods, eliminating the isolation that comes with conventional dieting. GOLO will also show you how to make any diet, or self-dieting approach, more effective—it can also help you feel better.

“The first thing I noticed about Release was that it improved my mood. I have had a very optimistic attitude for the past three months, and the way I look and feel has improved my relationships. GOLO has also curbed my appetite and I've cut my food intake. I started at 210 pounds and I'm at 183 pounds at the moment. Most importantly, many opportunities have come my way recently because of my improved health and attitude.”
— Bruce K., Tennessee

Stop dieting and start losing weight with GOLO’s all-natural Release supplement and Metabolic Plan
You can easily take back control of your weight and health with the GOLO Metabolic Plan. The GOLO Metabolic Plan is included with your order of Release and focuses on improving your metabolic health with food, not dieting.  
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