Fitness challenge

Fitness challenge


Enjoy GOLO’s Fitness Challenge to get yourself in top shape!

Our team at GOLO wants to help you feel and look your best. It's going to be 19 days of GOLO-inspired fitness & wellness challenges designed to improve your overall health.

Each day will feature a new challenge. These challenges are fun and have 2 different options to choose from. Some challenges may even be a surprise and do not include exercise at all!

To make this Fitness Challenge more rewarding, invite a friend, family member or coworker to join you! You can take the challenges together or just keep each other motivated and inspired — the more the merrier!


Day 1

A couple walking outdoors

Option 1: 15-minute MAMMA MIA INDOOR WALKING Beginner WORKOUT [See Video]
Option 2: 30-minute walk outside

Day 2

Woman doing an arm workout in her living room

Arm Workout (no equipment needed)
Option 1: 10-minute Tone Your Arm Workout for Women Over 50 [See Video]
Option 2: 15-minute Toned Arms (quick + intense) [See Video]

Day 3

Person mixing a salad

Meatless day

Day 4

Woman stretching on the floor

Yoga & Stretch
Option 1: 10-minute Full Body stretch for Women over 50 (do the video 2 times)[See Video]
Option 2: 25 minutes of gentle yoga [See Video]

Day 5

Group exercise Class

Option 1: 20-minute Old School Disco Fever Indoor Walking Beginner Workout [See Video]
Option 2: 40-minute walk outside

Day 6

Woman squatting in a gym

Lower Body Workout
Option 1: 15-minute Beginner Lower body workout [See Video]
Option 2: 10-minute Toned Legs Workout for Women Over 50 [See Video]

Day 7

Woman Boxing in her living room

Option 1: 40-minute CARDIO BOXING AEROBICS for seniors and beginners [see video]
Option 2: 40-minute Indoor Walking/Dancing Motown Music Workout [see video]

Day 8

Man stretching on a chair

Option 1: 20-minute Balance, Cardio, Strength Workout for Seniors & Beginners [see video]
Option 2: 25-minute Gentle Yoga [see video]

Day 9

a couple walking down a path

Option 1: 30 Minute Indoor Walking Workout for Women Over 50 [see video]
Option 2: 30 - minute walk outside

Day 10

A holiday spread of food

Come up with a healthy recipe

Day 11

A woman doing crunches on her yoga mat

Option 1: 20-minute Beginner Cardio & Core Workout (medium pace) [see video]
Option 2: 25-minute Chair Yoga[see video]

Day 12

a group of women working out

Option 1: 10-minute easy Zumba Dance for beginners - [see video]
Option 2: 10 Minute FULL BODY WORKOUT For Women Over 50 - [see video]

Day 13

Woman doing lunges in her living room

Option 1: 10-minute Leg Workout for Seniors, Beginner Exercisers [see video
Option 2: 10-minute Lower body workout [see video]

Day 14

feet walking on a bridge

Option 1: 30-minute walk outside
Option 2: 30-minute indoor power walk with Cardio burst [see video]

Day 15

women doing yoga

Option 1: 15-Minute Core Workout for Beginners [see video]
Option 2: 11- minute Wake Up Morning Yoga [see video]

Day 16

a pen on paper that wrote "today i am grateful for"

Tell someone you are thankful for them

Day 17

man doing situps

Option 1: 11-minute Chair Yoga for beginners & Seniors [see video]
Option 2: 15-minute seated ab workout for women over 50 [see video]

Day 18

3 women walking over a bridge

Option 1: 30-minute walk outside
Option 2: 30-minute 80’s Indoor WALKING WORKOUT [see video]

Day 19

a woman doing yoga in bed

Option 1: Bedtime Wind Down yoga [see video]
Option 2: Relaxing Full Body Stretching (Chair Routine) [see video]

If you’ve completed the Fall Fitness Challenge take a minute and congratulate yourself! Each challenge you completed moved your weight loss and wellness journey forward just in time to celebrate the holidays. And never forget, all of us here at GOLO are with you each step of the way. If you have any questions, ideas, or need support, we’d love to hear from you on social media or by emailing us. See you next Fall!

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