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GOLO Gives: Give Back and Enter for a Chance to Win a $250 Wardrobe Makeover

When discussing the domino effects of losing weight, it’s hard not to focus on the physical and mental results. As the number on the scale begins to drop, you start to feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and improved self-confidence. You’re living a life with fewer limitations. But believe it or not, there can be rewards to losing weight that go beyond the benefits to your body!

After a significant weight loss, you may find yourself in need of reviving your wardrobe with clothes that fit the new you. Shopping for better fitting clothes can be a huge confidence boost and a lot of fun. But why stop the good vibes there?

With GOLO Gives, Every Pound Counts!

Box of clothes to donate

GOLO invites you to take part in our GOLO Gives Sweepstakes. With GOLO Gives, you take the clothes that no longer fit and donate them to a local shelter or charity of your choice.

As a way of encouraging you to participate in GOLO Gives, every month we will award someone who donates their old clothes with a GOLO Swag Bag, which includes a bottle of Release® and a bottle of Go-Digest®.

But that’s not all! At the end of the year, GOLO will award a grand prize winner with $250 to put toward a wardrobe makeover!

How to Participate in the Monthly GOLO Gives Clothing Donation Sweepstakes:

  • Collect the clothes you want to donate
  • Weigh them on a scale
  • Send an email to lmetrik@golo.com with the following information:
Your name
City & State
Where you donated (charity or shelter name)
Number of clothing pounds donated*


*While not required to enter the sweepstakes, we encourage you to take a picture of your donation and post your photo and weight totals in our private Facebook group using the hashtag #GOLOgives. GOLO will keep a running total and post Facebook updates on how many pounds of clothing our generous members have donated.

Monthly GOLO Swag Bag Prize Pack

The monthly GOLO Swag Bag includes one bottle of Release® and one bottle of Go-Digest®. Click HERE to download our official sweepstakes rules.

Note, monthly sweepstakes winner will be randomly selected and will not be based on donation weight.

Don’t Hesitate to Donate!

Maybe you’re tempted to hold on to your old clothes, but don’t! Getting rid of clothes that no longer fit makes maintaining your better, healthier lifestyle that much more important. So, gather your clothes that no longer fit and find a place to donate!

If you’re unsure of the best place to donate your used clothes, we have some recommendations to help you decide.

6 Places to Donate Used Clothes

Woman smiling as she carries clothes

Unfortunately, roughly five percent of donated clothes are sent to landfills,1 so it is important to find somewhere to donate that needs the clothes you’re able to give. More often than not, the first place we think of when it comes to clothing donations is Goodwill. By donating to your local Goodwill, you are providing generally affordable clothing to those in need. Other great options are: a local women’s shelter, homeless shelter, church, or community organization. Still not sure where to donate? Check out this list:

1. American Red Cross and GreenDrop:
The American Red Cross is one of the most well-known and reputable humanitarian organizations in the US.
They’ve partnered with GreenDrop to ensure clothing donations go to those who need it most.


Click HERE to learn more on the GreenDrop website to find a GreenDrop near you or schedule a pickup.


2. Planet Aid:
Planet Aid is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used textiles with the hope of supporting sustainable development in impoverished communities. Planet Aid has drop-off bins across the country where you can donate clothes and shoes.


Click HERE to visit the Planet Aid website to find a local Planet Aid bin near you.
3. Dress for Success:
Dress for Success is a nonprofit that provides business attire for low-income women. Helping women dress professionally for job interviews puts them on the right track to get hired or promoted. If you’ve got work clothes that no longer fit, it is a great place to donate.


Click HERE to visit the Dress for Success website to find a local Dress for Success near you.


4. One Warm Coat:
If you have coats or other outerwear that no longer fits, consider donating them to One Warm Coat. One Warm Coat hosts thousands of coat drives throughout the US, so there is an opportunity to donate year-round.


5. Savers:
Savers accepts clothing donations on behalf of a local nonprofit. They pay the nonprofit partners for your clothes, which helps fund programs in your community.


Click HERE to find a Savers community donation center near you.


6. Buy Nothing Groups:
If you’re an active Facebook user, you may already be a part of your local Buy Nothing Group. Each group is specific to a location, and you can only join the one where you live, so they are a great way to give (and receive) directly to people who live in your area.


Buy Nothing Groups are similar to Facebook Marketplace, but with FB Marketplace you may have to deal with negotiating prices. With Buy Nothing, you can feel good about simply donating to someone in need.


Feel Great. Do Good.

As we’ve mentioned, when you start living a healthier lifestyle, you simply feel better. You’re showing your body some love and if all goes well, it starts to love you back. But what will you do with your newfound energy, more fit figure, and the positive effects that come with it?

Take part in GOLO Gives!

GOLO encourages you to gather the clothes you no longer need and donate them. By giving to those in need, you’ll feel great about doing something good.





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