GOLO Announces Donation to HAVEN Women of Philadelphia

GOLO Announces Donation to HAVEN Women of Philadelphia

We recently announced a $5,000 donation to HAVEN Women, a Philadelphia-based organization dedicated to female Veterans who are homeless or in transition. The donation continues our commitment to supporting community-based health and wellness initiatives.

“We’re proud to support HAVEN Women and their work with women Veterans who have served our country,” said Jennifer Brooks, President, GOLO, LLC. “Our donation will provide financial assistance to make sure those efforts continue.”

Residents of HAVEN Women run the gamut in age, socioeconomic upbringing, education, and ethnicity but share two commonalities: they are Veterans, and they no longer have a safe place to call home. HAVEN Women, with help from donors, volunteers and mentors, provides a safe, respectful, female-only perimeter for residents, as well as the case management and enrichment programs necessary to rehabilitate their mind, body, and spirit.

"HAVEN Women is the only shelter in the Philadelphia area dedicated solely to women Veterans," said Kirstin Leone, President, HAVEN Women. "We are extremely grateful to GOLO for joining us in our work to support these women as they transition back into civilian life with medical, vocational, and transitional needs.  They have served this country, and being able to provide the support and resources they need, such as case management and education, to get back on their feet is essential to their success."

Looking to help our Veterans in need?

HAVEN Women provides a safe haven for female Veterans to start over and become productive members of the community. Unfortunately, many of our Veterans need assistance. HAVEN Women is welcoming help from those fortunate enough to be able to make a donation or volunteer. Click here to learn more

Visit the GOLO website to learn more about our support for community-based health and wellness initiatives.