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Portrait of GOLO president Jennifer Brooks

Get to know GOLO: the philosophy behind why we do what we do

A holistic approach to weight loss

Since GOLO was founded in 2009, president and co-founder Jennifer Brooks has made it the company’s mission to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle by taking a holistic approach to weight loss and wellness.

Jennifer, who is board certified in holistic nutrition, felt it was important to teach the basic principles of good nutrition to empower not only individuals but entire communities to take control of their health and wellness.

Maintaining a healthy weight goes beyond the scale

She’s also made a point to reinforce that weight loss is about more than numbers on a scale.

“Maintaining or reaching a healthy weight is about so much more than numbers. It also impacts a positive mental attitude, physical stamina, digestion, sleep, and more.”

By providing a healthy and more sustainable path to wellness, GOLO has grown from having three employees and a tiny office in Newark, DE to helping over 2 million people worldwide find a better way to lose weight.

Why we do what we do

A decade later, our commitment to helping our customers reach their weight loss goals is stronger than ever. And we love to hear from members like you!

“Our proudest accomplishment is hearing from the people who have put their trust in GOLO and tell us every day about how we have helped change their lives for the better.”

You are the reason why we remain committed to help change lives for the better!

Get an in-depth look

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