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Carbs Are Not The Enemy

Many people mention fear when it comes to consuming carbohydrates. These people cannot be blamed due to the hoards of information misinforming us about how bad carbs are and how they make us gain weight.

GOLO’s President, a HNWP holistic nutrition wellness practitioner disagrees and says, “Carbohydrates are the only type of energy the brain uses. And, our body does not store carbohydrates. They are SO important! Now, are there good and bad carbs? Or carbs that are better for you than others? Absolutely. Have you ever gone on a ‘carb-free’ diet and lost weight? Probably, right? However, how quickly did you gain it back when you took the first bite of a piece of bread. Pretty fast, I’m sure. And, you probably then craved them even more. That’s because when you deprive the body of a critical nutrient, then have it again, it signals the brain to want more in the event you take it away again. Our brains are pretty smart don’t you think?”

When you may think of carbs, you may only think of bread and cakes but other carbohydrates include fruits, rice, pasta, potatoes and beans too. Why deprive yourself of good, healthy foods?

Besides giving you energy, carbohydrates have other health benefits. Fiber in carbs helps to aid digestion and keep you full. They also promote healthy cholesterol, support heart health, improve brain performance, improve sleep, improve muscle mass, and regulate mood. In fact, not eating carbohydrates can result in mood changes, constipation, and fatigue. Who wants to feel like that?

Just know that the only carbs the GOLO recommends are all healthy and are recommended for a reason!


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