Get ready to reach your goals! You can lose weight and get healthier without cutting excessive calories, giving up food groups or eating unhealthy diet foods.

Why Conventional Diets Don’t Work

Conventional diets starve the body by depriving it of nutrients. This causes physical symptoms for you – diet fog, hunger and cravings, irritability and ultimately diet failure.

Diet companies know you blame yourself, but it’s not your fault! If your body doesn’t get proper nutrition it cannot work for you, and your metabolism shuts down, you plateau and start to gain weight back. Each time this happens you damage your health further.

In order to lose weight effectively, you have to eat foods that contain the nutrients you need and fuel your metabolism, not starve it.

1200 nutrient deficient calories

  • Hunger and Cravings
  • Diet Fog
  • No Nutrition


1300-1500 nutritionally dense calories

  • Stay full all day
  • Proper Nutrition
  • More Energy

Would you rather overpay for expensive meal delivery services with questionable ingredients, drink unhealthy shakes or starve yourself; or use inexpensive and delicious foods you can get anywhere that prompts healthy weight loss and gives your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

Jennifer Brooks President and Co-founder Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition Chef

“At GOLO we sympathize with anyone trying to lose weight. We will tell you the truth about dieting and weight loss, and show you how to lose weight and enjoy the foods you love. Our plan is healthy and sustainable.”
~ Jennifer Brooks, President and Co-founder, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Chef

GOLO created The Metabolic Plan to show you how to eat the foods you love and lose weight steadily. Real food fuels the metabolism and helps you feel energized; and giving your body proper nutrition can improve your health and wellbeing.

Why is our plan so effective?

Our patent-pending Metabolic Plan is not a fad or conventional diet, but a manageable, realistic plan that targets your slow metabolism.

We focus on repairing metabolic health with whole foods that are simple to prepare or find in a restaurant or convenient store, and are affordable.

  • You stay fuller longer and not have to fight with hunger and cravings
  • You can eat delicious foods that you like and avoid foods you don’t
  • No need for willpower – our meals are substantial compared to conventional diets
Chicken and bread

Get Healthier With GOLO!

Another benefit of the GOLO Metabolic Meal Plan is that unlike conventional diets that harm your health, you can get healthier with GOLO!

Our plan helps to maintain lean body mass; you’ll lose inches overall, including your waist. The good nutrition our plan give you helps to strengthen your immune system, reducing disease risk factors. As a result, you’ll look and feel better with more energy throughout the day, and you may even sleep better and have better digestion.

This isn’t a restrictive diet!

You don’t have to be perfect! Our plan is a guideline that puts you in control. You choose the foods you like to eat and as your metabolism improves, your body is able to steadily burn fat and not store it, even if you indulge.

Eat more food and lose more weight, stay fuller longer without hunger and cravings. You won’t even know you are ‘dieting’ and neither will anyone else. There is no diet isolation with GOLO because you can eat the same foods as your family and friends.
Whether you want to lose 10 or more than 100 pounds, or just want to transition to a healthier lifestyle, GOLO is right for you.

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