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Keep reading to see how others are striving to be their best, lose weight and get healthier. Whether you need support or want to share your success, our GOLO family is always there to listen.

"On my 2nd supply of GOLO – Yesterday I went to the MD and found out that my HgBA1C is down to 5.7 from 9.3…he’s pretty sure it’s the GOLO, so no more diabetes medication for me!"

- Anika

"I started on 6/17/19. My ultimate goal was to lose 50 lbs. I have lost 35 lbs so far. GOLO was just what I was looking for, a healthy sustainable eating plan. I needed structure and found it in GOLO. I used to love to run and exercise when I was so younger. Now, I go to the gym and feel great about my workouts. I feel more confident in myself. Today I was able to wear the smallest pair of pants I had in my closet, not the size I want, but smaller than where I was…."

- Catherine

"Thank you, Golo, for giving me the best birthday present! I am 67 years old today, and 52 pounds lighter than I was on my last birthday. I started Golo in mid-January, and in addition to weight loss, I have gone from a size 18-20 to a 12-14. Today I was able to zip up a pair of size 12 jeans! My weight loss journey continues, but there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel! Golo works no matter what your age! Golo for life!"

- Elizabeth

"4 weeks completed! Lost 22 pounds and my clothes are getting to be too big... loving this GOLO!"

- Andrew