Diet Pills

Here at GOLO, we know that the journey to weight loss can be a struggle for many individuals.

Release is not a diet pill, but an all natural supplement that works with you and your lifestyle to ensure a successful weight loss journey. Unlike others in the industry who produce caffeine or stimulant based diet pills, GOLO Release contains, all-natural, plant-based ingredients that will enhance your overall well-being; while ensuring a healthy weight loss experience.

These ingredients are not inclusive! From Barberry Bark Extract to reduce the accumulation of fat, to Banaba Leaf which ensures regularity of blood sugar levels, as well as Chromium to support essential glucose functions, Release is designed to balance the hormones that affect weight, optimize insulin levels, all while maintaining healthy glucose levels.

Often times, the weight loss journey has been unsuccessful due to other factors such as, slow metabolic rates, diet or exercise regimes. For many, hormonal imbalances are the leading cause of an unsuccessful weight loss experience. If hormones levels such as Insulin and Leptin are unstable - there will likely be an increase in weight gain. While over the counter diet pills such as diet phentermine pills may help you lose weight in the short term- they can destabilize your hormones and actually counteract your weight-loss efforts in the long term.

GOLO works by effectively balancing out hormone irregularities that may be preventing you from losing weight. GOLO works to regulate blood sugar and manage cravings while restoring your metabolism. The market may be crowded with ads for ‘cheap and effective diet pills’ - they can only offer short term solutions, if any, to your weight loss needs.

At GOLO the best diet pill isn’t a diet pill at all, but a natural supplement created with the consumer in mind to ensure long-lasting results. Other benefits that come along with the use of GOLO’s Release are increased energy levels, metabolic stability, and improved sleep quality.