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GOLO is a lifestyle change from Home to Work

GOLO has proven success as a Corporate Wellness Program helping employees live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. GOLO can help companies of all-sizes implement a health and wellness plan that will make fast improvements toward their well-being and productivity while reducing stress and health care costs.

Who is GOLO perfect for?

GOLO is designed as a complete lifestyle change that can be easily incorporated into any workplace whether you are sitting at a desk, on shift-work or driving a truck long distances. For example: Truck drivers have struggled with stress and nutritional options while on the road and it is mainly due to lack of education about nutrition. GOLO can teach truck drivers about emotional eating, choosing the right food and how an easy lifestyle change can make you healthier, happier and stress free.

Why consider GOLO to support your current wellness program?

  • GOLO is an in-home program and requires minimal corporate involvement or cost
  • Short and long-term behavior change
  • Employee support is easily accessible with ongoing coaching, resources, tracking and more

The benefits of implementing GOLO in your workplace?

  • Fewer employee sick days
  • Less staff to cover for absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Measurable health insurance cost reduction
  • Better focus and team work
Medication Elimination Chart

“I am pleased that the GOLO Wellness Program resulted in significant weight loss, remarkable improvements in health, reductions in risk factors, and in some cases complete elimination of chronic medications.”

- Ronessa Moodley,
Sanlam, Human Resources

“As a Wellness Specialist, my goal is to change the culture of corporate health. After trying many years to implement a successful program, GOLO was the one that worked. GOLO is unique because they address other all aspects that influence weight gain including lifestyle and behavior. Corporate society is merely a ‘microcosm’ of what is really happening out in society. GOLO is adaptable to any situation and is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight and improve their health.”

- Wandra Marais,
Wellness Specialist, ABSA Corp

Whether you are a business owner or HR professional, GOLO will help you implement a flexible wellness program that will fit your needs.

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