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Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body because it directly affects metabolism, weight gain, aging and your overall health.

How Does Insulin Affect Weight?

You will find many programs that approach weight loss in different ways. For example, one diet may suggest you ‘cut out carbohydrates’ to lose weight and another promotes meal replacements. The problem with most diets is that they do not address the critical hormone that controls weight: insulin. And worse, many of them cause high insulin levels, and then the excess insulin stores as fat.

Insulin and the Metabolism:
Insulin drives metabolism and the way the body uses digested food for energy. The digestive tract breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. With the help of insulin, cells throughout the body absorb glucose and use it for energy. In healthy people, insulin is correctly balanced with the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream from the small intestine and liver. With normal insulin levels, recently ingested fats are used for energy during a 2 hour period after a meal. If high insulin levels are present, fat is more likely to be stored in fat cells. If insulin levels are chronically high, the ability for your body to burn fat breaks down.

Other hormones are affected adversely when insulin is high. This causes the body to react with unhealthy patterns that inhibit the body's ability to recover its normal metabolism. Leptin, insulin, sex, and growth hormones affect appetite, metabolism and body fat distribution.  If you are overweight, you may have levels of these hormones that encourage abnormal metabolism and would benefit from our GOLO insulin sensitivity diet.

crash diets don't work but GOLO does
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Managing Insulin is the Key to Effective Weight Loss

Dieting without managing insulin will result in muscle loss, which slows down your metabolism and that ultimately leads to weight gain. Crash dieting, low calories diets, and diets that eliminate key food groups can cause sugar highs and lows, and restrict fat loss even when you are in a calorie-deficit state. The result is muscle loss and cravings and hunger that make it difficult to maintain a diet. The result is more weight gain.

The GOLO Release supplement and Metabolic Fuel Matrix help control glucose spikes so that insulin is kept in the insulin optimization zone to help you stop storing fat, maximize fat utilization, and maintain energy levels throughout the day.

The GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan

GOLO has spent over seven years in research and development seeking a natural weight loss solution that focuses on insulin control, healthy nutrition, and is a sustainable lifestyle plan. The result is the GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan, the right formula for success.

crash diets don't work but GOLO does
crash diets don't work but GOLO does

The purpose and function of the Release supplement is to provide powerful metabolic support, while your body is in the process of healing metabolic dysfunction, and help you feel better during that time. The proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients combined in the Release supplement, work to maximize healthy and safe weight loss.

Release contains 7 all-natural plant-based ingredients and 3 minerals, each of which is backed by numerous studies supporting their safety and efficacy. Release is patented, and was developed by doctors and pharmacists. To read more about the ingredients in Release, click here.

crash diets don't work but GOLO does

The Metabolic Fuel Matrix is designed to give your body proper nutrition with real foods. Our plan creates a metabolic effect that enables the body to avoid storing fat and instead become more efficient at converting food and stored fat into energy.

Meals are based on the patented Fuel Index which measures the metabolic effect of food. GOLO helps you select the best foods for you, plan 3 balanced meals each day to maximize energy without spiking insulin or storing fat. We give you the tools you need to lose weight steadily without feeling deprived or isolated from other, and maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term.

Together the Release supplement and The Metabolic Fuel Matrix help you lose weight safely. With the GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan you can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat each week.


GOLO conducted several trials to study the safety and efficacy of the GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan, which included dietary modification, nutraceutical supplementation, and regular exercise. Trials were conducted in both the United States and South Africa between 2009 and 2014, with consistent results observed across the studies. Study participants ranged between moderate to very overweight or obese participants, including some needing to lose in excess of 100 pounds.

Click to see GOLO Trial Summaries Click to see Efficacy of a Diet Program on Body Weight in Americans.

Click to see GOLO Trial Summaries Click to see Pilot Studies on Overweight and Obese Individuals.

The chart below shows the average weight loss results achieved by GOLO study participants, and the results that are possible by following the GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan.

Clinical tests prove GOLO Works Clinical tests prove GOLO Works
Clinical tests prove GOLO Works
Clinical tests prove GOLO Works

Our Mission

To empower others to become better informed, more self-reliant and motivated to take control of their weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle that will help them achieve a better quality of life.

GOLO was developed to find a natural and effective weight loss solution. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that nearly 7 out of 10 Americans are considered overweight or obese. If this trend is not reversed, the emotional and economic toll on families and society will be incalculable.

GOLO has helped people all over the world achieve sustainable weight loss and better health with the GOLO Rescue Plan. Numerous doctors not only follow GOLO, but recommend GOLO to their patients. GOLO has been successfully used in corporate wellness program settings to help employees live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. The result has been better productivity and lower healthcare costs for both the staff and the employer.

crash diets don't work but GOLO does

GOLO Developers

The developers of GOLO include a team of dedicated doctors and pharmacists. They focused on sound research and science to tap into the core of why people can’t lose weight, or keep it off. The efforts resulted in a holistic system that addresses not just dieting or exercise.

"Weight loss is a very complex process and we have developed a solution that is more effective than other programs, because we address all the aspects that play a role in losing weight. We are very proud to say that our program is very safe and effective.” ~ Dr. C. Smith

crash diets don't work but GOLO does

Customer Support Team

The GOLO team includes dedicated managers, web developers, creative artists, and customer support coaches, and specialists. We all have the same goal: to help our customers lose weight for good and start a whole new life for themselves.