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Success Stories

Meet some of the people who have had great success with GOLO!

Not only have these people lost weight and inches, they have defeated emotional eating, learned to prepare better foods and began to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.



Lost 36 pounds and 5 dress sizes!

"I was certain that GOLO wouldn't work - I've tried and failed others. However, I was proved so very wrong."


Lost 65 pounds and 8 inches from his waist!

"Before starting GOLO I didn't realize I was sabotaging my weight loss efforts by eating ‘healthy' protein bars. I could've lost way more weight if I hadn't been eating them."


Lost 61 pounds and 5 dress sizes!

"With GOLO you can make the change, you don't have to continue living in a body you're ashamed of. What I gained over the past 22 years, I lost in 1 year!"


Lost 48 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes!

"This is the first time I have been able to lose the weight and keep it off."


Lost 30 total inches and 5 dress sizes!

"With GOLO I have more energy! I get up earlier and want to work out. I never did before."


Lost 36 pounds and eliminated all medications!

"I'm in my sixties and in the best shape and lowest weight since the past 40 years!"


Lost 97 pounds and and 11 inches from his waist!

"I was always feeling tired, feeling sleepy. Since I've been on GOLO I'm much more energetic. I spend more time playing with my kids and my wife says I'm a better husband, which makes me feel good."


Lost 44 pounds and 32 total inches!

"Over the past few years I've struggled with my weight. My job is stressful and I didn't realize how much of an emotional eater I was until I started GOLO."


Lost 29 pounds and 26 total inches!

"My husband keeps telling me how great I look!"


Lost 65 pounds and over 16 inches from his waist

"I'm bursting with energy, and I feel 20 years younger!"


Lost 41 pounds and 9 pant sizes!

"GOLO allowed me to step back into life and pursue my dreams."


Lost 38 pounds and eliminated medication!

"All my friends were asking me what I was doing to look so good and wanted to join me! With GOLO I've been able to get off my cholesterol medication, and have blood sugar levels that are better than they've ever been."


Lost 26 pounds and 7 inches from his waist!

"Before GOLO I was a stress eater and felt my health was in jeopardy. Through GOLO I've learned how to make the right choices and maintain an active lifestyle."


Lost 37 pounds and 27 total inches!

"The GOLO lifestyle is what I'm committed to for the rest of my life With GOLO I feel fabulous!"


Lost 22 pounds and 5 dress sizes!

"I haven't been this size since high school. For the first time in 15 years I achieved this goal that I thought would never happen."


Lost 52 pounds and 5 dress sizes!

"I've done so many weight loss programs- I've done them all, GOLO is the only program I've ever done that I have never deprived myself of anything."


Lost 68 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes!

"Before GOLO, I felt sick, tired, uncomfortable and insecure, every day of my life. Now I am healthier, fit, comfortable and very confident. GOLO has changed my life forever!"


Lost 19 pounds and 4 dress sizes!

"GOLO really helped with my snacking and junk food cravings. GOLO taught me a great deal about eating the right foods so I can feel healthy and not gain weight."


Lost 32 pounds and 7 inches from his waist!

"I had about 25 pounds to lose but my real concern was my health. It was easy to follow GOLO."