Get Started with myGOLO!

Begin your GOLO journey by using this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for success!

Take your weight and waist measurement

It may seem daunting to take your starting weight and measurements, but it is an important step in your success. Don’t get angry at yourself or dwell on the numbers, use them as a tool. Be confident that this will be the LAST time you will see them! See them as a reminder that you are committed to reaching your goals. Next time you weigh and measure you will be glad you did.

take weight

Removing unhealthy foods from your kitchen is a big step towards success. It also represents taking back control of your health by letting go of unhealthy foods and making room for the foods that will help you lose weight and get healthier. When you truly make the decision to change, the foods you ate in the past will no longer be appealing to you. If there are other people in the house who eat these foods, this is a good time to educate them on why you are removing these foods. If they aren’t good for you, then they aren’t good for the people you care about either.

clean out pantry

What is it that is most important to you? Is it the number on the scale, clothes fitting better, being able to more physically or is a health issue on your mind? Whatever the reason for starting GOLO, set your goal to help motivate you and keep you committed. You can choose a weekly goal, monthly or whatever you are comfortable with. Remember that you are embarking on a journey, not a race!


Take some time to review all the materials you receive with your kit, and this site. There are lots of valuable tools that can help you. Pick a date to start your GOLO journey. Make sure you give yourself enough time so that when you start you are prepared.

Think about your schedule and how you will plan your meals, exercise and how much time you need to prepare your meals in advance. Strategy and effort will yield the best results!

Start Planning

What’s better than support from the GOLO team? Support from fellow GOLOers! You can access the GOLO private Facebook page to ask questions, get ideas and share your successes. Our family is always available to support and encourage you. Find new friends, enter our contests. Join now

take weight

You will notice positive changes with GOLO quickly. Within 7 days, weight gain has stopped, and your body is starting to remove preservatives and toxins. You may experience noticeable weight loss during this week, but don’t get discouraged if you do not. Other changes you may experience include: better sleep, overall feeling better, and a more positive mood.

In just 14 days, you should see consistent weight loss, and your metabolism is starting to improve. You have learned how to create GOLO meals and how much food your body needs for steady weight loss. Increased energy is a benefit and even some inches.

take metabolic

In just 30 days, in addition to weight loss, your body will detox from preservatives and chemicals that may have built up in your system. Insulin Resistance will be reduced and the hormones that affect weight will be balanced. You may be able to reduce or eliminate medication. As your physical capabilities increase, you will build muscle and burn fat while revving up your metabolism. Another ‘consequence’ of GOLO is that you will feel younger! Your metabolic age will be lower than your actual age!

Be patient! You have spent many years getting out of shape and unhealthy. Take the time over the next day, few days or even a week to completely understand and commit to the GOLO. You will be glad you did!

take metabolic