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Testing and Analysis

In an ocean full of dietary supplements, let us tell you how GOLO stands apart from the rest

We want you to feel confident that our products have been manufactured with the highest quality ingredients available and have been tested extensively.

State-of-the-Art Laboratory

How are dietary supplements regulated?

Dietary supplements do not require FDA approval, however, companies that make or sell dietary supplements need to follow FDA regulations, following cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

Here is how we ensure you are getting a superior product:

  • We purchase our ingredients from suppliers that meet all regulations and are tested in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Our manufacturer tests all raw ingredients upon receipt.
  • We perform extensive third-party finished product testing on every lot that is produced.
  • Our supplements are manufactured in the USA.
  • Our manufacturer tests all finished products according to cGMP guidelines.
Release Pill Bottle

Release Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

Release is a patented, unique formulation that uses natural plants and minerals that your body can assimilate easily, to help you lose weight. We searched the globe for the best ingredients and guarantee that you are getting the best product possible.

Our Release dietary supplement is manufactured by a leader in the nutritional supplement industry, ensuring high quality control and safety regulations

They hold more third-party verifications of cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) compliance than any other manufacturer of nutritional products. Some of their certifications include:

Registered with Underwriters Laboratories (UL)* nutritional supplement GMP compliance

UL’s certification provides quality assurance for dietary supplements by testing the potency of raw ingredients and finished products.

Certified by NSF’s Dietary Supplement Certification program for GMP compliance

NSF routinely conducts on-site inspections of nutritional supplement contract manufacturing facilities and their products.

Certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA)

NPA is the leading trade association for dietary supplements, natural health and sports nutrition, medical and functional foods, probiotics and natural personal/home care products.

Meets the requirements for the SQF* (Safe Quality Food Certification) Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, Edition 8

The SQF Certification program assures a commitment to safety and due diligence in the manufacturing process for dietary supplements.

Underwriters Limited NSF Natural Products Association SQF Certified

*It’s important to note that not many dietary supplement manufacturers obtain these additional layers of quality audit oversight.

Us and Canadian Flags

Health Canada* Approval

In early 2018, GOLO received Health Canada approval for the Release. Receiving Health Canada approval guarantees that Release meets the highest quality standards according to their stringent regulatory requirements.

The Health Canada approval further confirms that our research supports the safety, quality and claims associated with Release.

*Health Canada is the equivalent to the USA FDA.

Go-Digest Pill Bottle and other packaging

Go-Digest Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

Go-Digest is our new total digestive solution. We’ve formulated a high-spectrum, high-activity, digestive enzyme blend, probiotic and botanical blend that complements and supports your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

Our manufacturing partner can trace their roots back to the creator of the first digestive enzyme, Dr. Jokochi Takamine. They are a leading specialty formulator and contract manufacturer of enzyme-based dietary supplements. Their team of industry experts manufacturer our supplement in a state-of-the-art clean room not common for dietary supplements. Some of their certifications include:

Certified by NSF’s Dietary Supplement Certification program for GMP compliance

NSF routinely conducts on-site inspections of nutritional supplement contract manufacturing facilities and their products.

Food Safety Certification

Certification applies to the scope of design, development, manufacturing, packaging, testing and shipping of dietary supplements, feed supplements, and other enzyme and probiotic-based formulations.

ANAB certified

This certification specifies the quality management and technical requirements that laboratories must meet in order to demonstrate technical competency and adherence to strict quality measures for testing, data reporting and process control in the laboratory.

Underwriters Limited NSF SQF Certified

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