You could be our next success story. Make sure to document your journey!

One of the best ways to see real change is through pictures. And in order to compare the changes that may happen as you lose weight with GOLO, you'll need photos of your progress. Having photos will make it easier to see the difference in your appearance after losing weight and inches.

The idea of taking "before" and even "progress" photos can be off-putting for a lot of people. But seeing yourself shrinking is the ultimate motivation!

Why Progress Photos Work

  • Although it may feel uncomfortable, photos can be eye-opening in the beginning. And progress photos track the changes in your body in a way that the scale or your daily mirror check simply cannot.
  • The scale shows you your weight, but that’s not the full story. Your scale can’t measure how healthy you are, how strong you feel, or how great you look!
  • Simply put, photos can hold you accountable. You are more likely to be consistent with your plan than you would be if you weren't taking photos.

    This is YOUR journey, and you should take pride in the progress that you make along the way. Clear, well-captured progress photos can motivate you and show you how far you've come!

Follow these 5 tips to document your GOLO journey. We promise you'll be glad you did!

1. Wear form-fitting clothes that show your shape. You may feel more comfortable in baggy clothes, but they will make it harder for you to see eventual changes. (Remember, these photos are just for you.)

2. Take a full-body photo as well as a front-angle and side-angle photo each time you take pictures.

3. Avoid wearing black or dark clothing. Lighter clothing will allow you to see changes easily

4. If you can, wear the same thing or something very similar in every photo. This will help you see changes easily.

5. Commit to take progress photos monthly and put it in your schedule. There is a level of accountability that comes with making this decision that will help to keep you feeling motivated and on track to meet your goal!