Overcoming Diet Obstacles

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things get in the way that can sabotage your results. But if you have a strategy beforehand, you won’t get drawn into that trap.

We’ve created the booklet Overcoming Diet Obstacles to help you combat areas that can cause bumps in the road, and also gives you strategies that can improve all areas of your life. We want you to reach your goals, improve your life and get off the diet merry-go-round for good.

Every order of the GOLO for Life Plan comes with the Overcoming Diet Obstacles booklet for FREE.

Here’s what you’ll get with Overcoming Diet Obstacles:

Diet Shake

Learn the Secret to Weight Loss

 - In the last 10 years, consumers have spent over $600 billion dollars on weight loss gimmicks, stimulant-based diet pills and low-fat and low-carb meal replacement snacks, shakes and meals. Yet we are heavier and sicker than ever before! The secret to weight loss isn’t conventional dieting, it’s a real solution that focuses on losing weight in a realistic, sustainable way. GOLO has the real solution that can help you reach your goals.  


Jumpstart Your Results

 – The GOLO Reset 7 Plan is a one-week intervention to help promote healing and help you get started on your GOLO journey. You’ll eat a variety of ‘superfoods’ that will help detox and reduce inflammation, and can help you identify foods that may have been sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Man eating a donut while driving

Control Hunger and Cravings

 – You shouldn’t have to suffer from hunger and cravings just because you are trying to lose weight! Find out the real cause of hunger and cravings and it’s not just about what you eat and see how GOLO combats hunger and cravings by getting to the root cause of your weight gain.

Defeat Emotional and Stress Eating

 – Addressing the triggers that cause emotional and stress eating is the first step in overcoming them. We give you the tools that will help to identify whether you are an impulsive or compulsive eater, and, give you easy strategies to implement. With GOLO, you can lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle and overcome what held you back in the past so you won’t gain the weight back.

Woman sitting down on the floor with her hands covering her face
Meal Plan Schedule

Create Amazing Meals in 2 minutes

 – Success is the result of strategy and effort. Time, work, and family commitments often keep us from making healthy choices when we are unprepared. GOLO can show you how to plan fat-burning meals whether you are cooking at home, eating out, or grabbing something at a convenience store.

30 Days to Better Health

 – Making small changes in your daily habits can improve your health quickly. Learn the best wellness tips that can improve the quality of your life, help you feel better, sleep better and have a better outlook.

Old habit, new habits
Mother with her daughter buying vegatables

Super Foods to improve health

 – Real food can alleviate many conditions including joint pain, arthritis, depression and inflammation, and can help prevent disease. We’ll help shape your GOLO plan by incorporating the foods that will impact your health the most.

Save $200 a Month on Groceries

 – Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, it can save you money. We’ll show you how to make the most of your grocery budget, while getting the best foods for weight loss and better health. You’ll save money and time, and eat better than ever before.

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