The GOLO® Metabolic Plan

Get ready to reach your goal!

We believe that conventional dieting doesn’t work, and most likely you know that too. GOLO is different. GOLO is a healthy weight loss system that can bring permanent, positive change to those who follow it. If you are tired of conventional diets, like counting points, drinking shakes or eating diet foods, then get started now!

What you eat is the most important part of weight loss and your results will depend on the choices you make about food going forward. Your body needs the nutrients from the right foods in the right portions and at the right times. It’s easy and we will show you exactly how you can eat the foods you love again and still lose weight.

GOLO is Proven Effective for Weight Loss

Why is our plan so effective?

Our patent pending GOLO Metabolic Plan targets the cause of your weight gain with a realistic, sustainable program. We focus on repairing metabolic health with whole foods that are simple to prepare, and affordable. We approach weight loss as a positive side-effect of repairing metabolic health.

When you lose weight with GOLO, you can expect to:

  • Maintain lean body mass, while losing fat weight
  • Lose overall inches, including your waist
  • Strengthen your immune system, reducing disease risk factors
  • Look and feel better with more energy throughout the day
  • Improve your sleep and wake up well rested
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety associated with dieting

The GOLO Metabolic Plan is not a fad or conventional diet, but a manageable, realistic lifestyle plan. GOLO will work for you and your family, whether you are trying to lose weight, or just get healthier.

And, you don’t have to be perfect! As your metabolic efficiency improves, your body is able to steadily burn fat and not store it, even if you go off plan. Improving your metabolic health means you are in control, not the diet.

Here’s why our plan works:

  • You can eat more food and still lose weight, and probably some of the foods you love but may have given up before.
  • We focus on keeping your insulin, the critical hormone that regulates the metabolism, steady all day, which means you stay fuller longer, with no hunger or cravings, and you can start to release fat instead of storing it.
  • You won’t even know you are ‘dieting’ and no one else will either! There is no diet isolation with GOLO because you can eat the same foods as your family and friends.
  • We don’t teach you how to cheat, we teach you how EAT for steady weight loss. You are in control and can enjoy the foods you love without guilt.

It’s Easy to Get Results you Deserve with GOLO!

Feel better as you lose weight! The GOLO Metabolic Plan shows you the right foods in the right combinations to create a positive metabolic effect. Whether you have 10 or more than 100 pounds to lose, want to learn how to eat for good health or transition to a healthy lifestyle, our plan is right for you.

With GOLO, you can expect:

  • Steady weight loss and healthy weight management
  • Balanced nutrition for better overall health
  • Increased energy and improved mood. Eat better to FEEL better!
  • Reduced risk factors including blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Better digestion and a reduction in digestive issues
  • Strengthened immune system, antioxidant protection and reduced inflammation

The GOLO Metabolic Plan not only works,
it’s easy to follow and stay on the plan:

  • We teach you how to put easy and delicious GOLO meals together in minutes, with food you cook at home, buy prepared, or when you eat out.
  • You can prepare enough food for a whole week in an hour or two with our unique system. It’s easy, even if you have never cooked before. And, preparing foods in advance saves you time and money.
  • You get all the nutrients you need for weight loss and better health when you follow GOLO. And, the nutritious whole foods will help you safely detox from toxins that may be stored in your fat cells.
  • Saving money is always a good motivator and the foods on our plan are affordable. The foods on the GOLO plan are healthier and cost less than processed foods, diet snacks and bars or delivered meals. You will feel good about the foods you buy knowing they are saving you money and potentially saving your life.
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“At GOLO we sympathize with anyone trying to lose weight. We will tell you the truth about dieting and weight loss, and show you how to lose weight and enjoy the foods you love. Our plan is healthy and sustainable.”

~Jennifer Brooks – President and Co-Founder, BCHN

“What a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day! Today makes 6 weeks on the program and 22 pounds and 4 inches from my waist GONE FOREVER! This is the lowest I have been in over a decade, despite rounds of Weight Watchers, lo carb, lo fat, lo flavor diets! Starvation, deprivation, all of that crap is gone! I haven’t felt this good in years! I purchased GOLO as my last ditch, 56th birthday gift and couldn’t be happier! All I can say is THANK YOU!”

~ Rebecca*

Verified Purchase 5/1/17

“One of the reasons I love GOLO is because it is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. It teaches you to make healthier choices. In addition, it encourages you to get to the root of why you were making the wrong choices. In order to fully take on this lifestyle, I had to get in touch with my emotions and realize why I was eating. Thank you GOLO”

~ Victoria*

Verified Purchase 9/19/17

Eat more food, lose weight steadily, improve your energy and vitality and live a balanced healthy lifestyle with GOLO!

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