The GOLO Metabolic Plan

We take the foods you are familiar with and love to eat and show you how to create delicious balanced meals that will help you get the results you want.

The GOLO Metabolic Plan is a patent-pending weight loss plan based on a ‘back to basics’ principle.

We show you how to create healthy balanced meals the whole family can enjoy. With GOLO you will eat 20-30% more than conventional diets and get better results.

Golo Metabolic Plan

Here’s what included with the GOLO Metabolic Plan –

  • Metabolic Plan and Smart Card – Our easy to follow system shows you how to use food to trigger fat loss and give your body the nutrition it needs.
  • Creating GOLO Meals – We show you how to prepare all your basic GOLO foods in advance and eliminate unnecessary time in the kitchen. Creating GOLO meals sets you up for success. Save money and time.
  • Overcoming Diet Obstacles – Don’t let emotional or stress eating sabotage your efforts. Learn simple strategies to overcome the obstacles you faced before.
  • Online resources – You will get access to hundreds of recipes, meals plans, shopping lists and valuable health information. Connect with our GOLO coaches for free support and join our private membership group.

Why is our plan so effective?

Our patent-pending Metabolic Plan is not a fad or conventional diet, but a manageable, realistic plan that targets your slow metabolism.

We focus on repairing metabolic health with whole foods that are simple to prepare or find in a restaurant or convenient store, and are affordable.

  • You stay fuller longer and not have to fight with hunger and cravings
  • You can eat delicious foods that you like and avoid foods you don’t
  • No need for willpower – our meals are substantial compared to conventional diets
Chicken Bread

Get Healthier With GOLO!

Another benefit of the GOLO Metabolic Meal Plan is that unlike conventional diets that harm your health, you can get healthier with GOLO!

Our plan helps to maintain lean body mass; you’ll lose inches overall, including your waist. The good nutrition our plan give you helps to strengthen your immune system, reducing disease risk factors. As a result, you’ll look and feel better with more energy throughout the day, and you may even sleep better and have better digestion.

Golo Metabolic Plan
  • Easy to follow
  • Family friendly
  • Recipes, meal plans
  • Save money and time

The GOLO Metabolic Plan is only $19.95

Joe M. Verified Buyer

Continued Success

I am thankful for the continued success that I have enjoyed using GOLO. It is easy to follow and the results are wonderful. In two months, I am down 20 lbs and I feel great. Thank you!

Karen W. Verified Buyer

First month

I started on GOLO a month ago. So far I've lost 13lbs. I follow the meal plan and portion sizes. I am very pleased so far with how it is working.