myGOLO ® Membership Benefits


It's easier to succeed with the right support and tools.

Everyone’s story may be different, but the goal is the same: A healthy lifestyle. Whether you need motivation to get fit, guidance on changing eating habits, want to take charge of your health, or need to reduce stress or overcome emotional eating, we give you the tools to help you reach your goals.

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A myGOLO membership gives you the ability to customize your GOLO plan to fit your needs. Simply purchase the GOLO for Life Plan* and enjoy all the benefits of a myGOLO membership.

Meal Plans and Recipes

Stay on track with shopping lists, weekly meal plans, and even when dining out or during the holidays. You'll learn that you can enjoy more food with no guilt as you lose weight steadily each week.

Metabolic Health Assessment

GOLO's proprietary Metabolic Health Assessment will help set a baseline of where you are at now, identify triggers, and help you create a roadmap for success and permanent change.

Support and Coaching

Our FREE support can help you breakthrough obstacles that may have sabotaged you in the past. We offer support and guidance on following a healthy GOLO lifestyle and can assist you in customizing the plan to fit your individual tastes.

Results Tracking

Tracking can help keep you accountable. You can easily track your food and see your results online.

Get Fit Program

We teach you how to incorporate shorter and smarter activity to help tone lean muscle mass. Learn how any physical activity benefit not only your waistline, but your overall health.

Health Library

The GOLO Library is filled with information you need to empower yourself. Read about health, nutrition, wellness, and other topics that affect your wellbeing.


When you become a member of myGOLO you have access to our Private Facebook Group where others just like you offer support, motivation and tips. You can also partner with someone as you lose weight and get healthier with GOLO.

*Your purchase of a GOLO for Life Plan includes a FREE membership to myGOLO.