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How Do Hormones Affect Weight And Health?

Hormones affect your entire body from weight gain or loss, aging, energy level, sex drive, digestion, and overall health. Key hormones include: cortisol, insulin, leptin, ghrelin, sex, growth hormones, and others. Hormones can be your friend or enemy and either work for you or against you.

Balancing Hormones is Key to GOLO Success

GOLO works by balancing hormones and repairing metabolic health. When you target the cause of your weight gain, you can get real sustainable results.

Hormone imbalances block your body’s ability to release stored fat, and cause more fat storage because they influence appetite and fat distribution. Hormone imbalances trigger stress and anxiety, cause fatigue, hunger and cravings, poor sleep quality and other symptoms all which drive emotional decisions like overeating, bingeing and cravings for fatty or high sugar foods.

All of these symptoms are the body’s way of saying something is out of balance, and is trying to make up for it. This puts your body and brain in a state of chaos and causes you to blame yourself. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Hormone imbalances affect both women and men.

Women constantly go through complex hormonal changes, and diet, lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors can disrupt hormones easily. Insulin, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and other hormones that are metabolically active take over control of your weight, metabolism, mood and health.

Men go through a hormone cycle every 24 hours, and research suggests that fat, particularly belly fat disrupts the normal balance of hormones. Weight gain, fatigue, irritability, low libido, and other symptoms are a result of an imbalance of hormones including insulin, cortisol, testosterone and other sex hormones. Left unaddressed these uncomfortable symptoms can lead to more serious health conditions.Whether you are 20 or over 60, or have 10 or more than 100 pounds to lose, hormones play a role In you’re ability to lose or maintain your weight.

Balancing Hormones results in:

  • An efficient metabolism that is able to convert the foods you eat into energy and not fat
  • The release of stored fat - even stubborn belly fat
  • Increased energy - you will feel good as you lose weight
  • Steady and sustainable weight loss

How GOLO Works

GOLO’s works quickly to restore hormone balance so you can lose weight and keep it off. Our dual-action system restores and improves hormone balance, metabolic efficiency and addresses the key causes of weight loss failure including insulin resistance, fatigue, stress and hunger and cravings.

Release works fast to STOP further weight gain and starts to repair the imbalances that prevent weight loss. The ingredients in Release are proven to help promote steady and sustainable weight loss supporting the hormones that affect weight and emotions.

The GOLO Metabolic Plan uses real food in the right balance to support healthy hormone balance, provide proper nutrition for weight loss, increased energy and a healthy metabolism.

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The complete GOLO Metabolic Plan includes:

  • Release Supplement: Balances hormones, supports insulin optimization, controls hunger and cravings and restores metabolic function.
  • Free GOLO Metabolic Plan: Lose even more with food and keep hormones in balance with our simple guidebook. And, learn the shocking truth the diet and food industries don’t want you to know!
  • Free Support: Easy online access to health assessments, meal plans, the latest health news and chat with our coaches or join the community forum – with no annoying ads!