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crash diets don't work but GOLO does


We eat for many reasons; pleasure, stress, and of course because we are hungry. What we eat either keeps us going, or brings us down. Many of us have an ‘imbalance’ when it comes to eating what we need to stay healthy and maintain our weight, compared to the foods we want to eat, how much we eat, or why we eat. Learning to control the imbalance will help you manage your weight long term. The Metabolic Fuel Matrix, GOLO’s meal plan, teaches you how to give your body what it needs to promote weight loss, and how to still enjoy the foods you love.

What is the Metabolic Fuel Matrix?

The Metabolic fuel Matrix is GOLO’s patented, personalized eating plan that works together with the Release supplement to promote healthy and safe weight loss.


crash diets don't work but GOLO does
What’s different about the Metabolic Fuel Matrix?

Our program is designed to help you lose weight and enjoy food rather than deprive yourself. Most diets cause hunger, fatigue, and create isolation. Our GOLO meal plan is designed to:

  • Keep you full and energized while promoting fat loss
  • Give your body proper nutrition and not deprive you of critical nutrients
  • Reduce hunger and cravings
  • Teach you the right combinations of healthy foods that will promote weight loss
  • Teach you how to maintain your weight when you reach your goals

The Metabolic Fuel Matrix is a healthy weight loss diet plan that is personalized to your needs and is flexible. You pick the foods you want from our plan or follow our weekly meal plans, and the whole family can eat the same foods. Our GOLO meal plan focuses on whole foods like butter, eggs, meats, fruits and vegetables, and grains including pasta and bread.

How is the plan personalized?

GOLO is based on your energy needs. We help you determine the right amount of food for you to eat in order to lose on average 1-2 pounds per week. By giving your body the right amount of food you will stop fat storage and start releasing stored fat.

Can I eat out?

Yes, you can easily create a Matrix Meal at any restaurant. GOLO will give you guidelines to follow so that eating out won't sabotage your goals. You can enjoy yourself and lose weight!

Do I have to spend a lot of time cooking?

No. Our unique cooking system ‘Creating Matrix Meals’ shows you how to prepare in advance GOLO healthy food options so you can put meals together in minutes. We also include our GOLO SuperFuel recipe.

crash diets don't work but GOLO does


crash diets don't work but GOLO does
crash diets don't work but GOLO does
crash diets don't work but GOLO does

The Science Behind the Metabolic Fuel Matrix

Many people find it virtually impossible to lose weight with a ‘conventional’ weight loss approach. Why? Even if the effort and intent is there, the strategy they have been given is flawed. Without knowing it, they have been set up for yet another failure before they even start. Our experience and research has shown us that it’s possible to lose weight only when a more advanced approach is given.

Better strategy = less effort. GOLO helps you select the best foods for you, plan 3 balanced meals each day and show you the correct portion sizes of each of the foods you choose. Our strategy gives you the tools you need to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long-term without feeling deprived or isolated from others.

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How the Metabolic Fuel Matrix Works:

The Metabolic Fuel Matrix is designed to give your body proper nutrition with real foods. Our plan creates a metabolic effect that enables the body to avoid storing fat and instead become more efficient at converting food and stored fat into energy.

Our plan was designed in conjunction with the Release supplement. Together they:

  • Provide sustained energy
  • Stop fat storage
  • Improve insulin performance
  • Release stored fat

Meals are based on GOLO’s patented Fuel index which measures the metabolic effect of food so meals are perfectly balanced to have the exact amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates that maximize energy without spiking insulin or storing fat. Matrix Meals are high in nutritional value and fiber and will give you sustained energy throughout the day so you avoid hunger and cravings.

Creating Matrix Meals: Dieting can be expensive and time consuming. GOLO’s solution is our unique cooking system that shows you how to fill your fridge with fast and easy Matrix Meals. Our step-by step instructions will guide you and show you how to prepare amazing meals in minutes for you and your entire family. You will save time and money by following our GOLO foods system.

Weekly Meal Plans: GOLO is flexible and lets you choose the foods you want, but we also have weekly meal plans with recipes and complete shopping lists available. Either way our GOLO meal plan is easy and cost effective to follow.

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