GOLO Gives Back

GOLO is in the process of creating our own 501c-3 foundation – GOLO Gives! You will hear much more about it in the coming months but for now we would like to get started with a clothing donation drive!

As you are losing weight with GOLO, you will most likely have lots of clothes that you no longer need. We would like to encourage you to donate them to a local shelter. You’ll also get the chance to win some awesome GOLO prizes in the process!

To be entered to win some GOLO swag + free Release, follow the instructions below:

  • Collect your clothing donations and weigh them on a scale (sounds crazy, we know but we want to know the number of pounds of clothing our customers have donated)
  • Snap a picture of your donation (optional)
  • Send an email to dawn@golo.com with the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. City & State
  3. Where you donated
  4. Number of pounds donated
  5. Attach your donation photo - optional

By donating and giving back, not only are you helping someone else in need but you’ll be closing an old door and opening a new one to your best you! Plus, you have an excuse to do some retail therapy and buy new clothes for the new you!

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