Why You Should Choose Full-Fat Dairy

We have been told all our lives, and many of us have come to believe, that fat is bad for you. Yes, there are certain fats that are not good, but the fat in dairy is not necessarily one of them.

There are four types of dairy milk: whole, 2%, low-fat and skim. Whole milk contains 3.25% milkfat, 2% contains (you guessed it) 2%, low-fat has 1% and skim has less than .05%. Most of this fat is saturated fat which, for a longtime was considered unhealthy. But research is proving that wrong.

You are more likely to gain weight if you drink skim milk than you would if you drank whole milk. Why? When the fat is stripped from the milk, much of the flavor is also taken away. So, what do they add to make up for it? Sugar. Yep, you read that right – SUGAR! Also, the vitamins in milk are fat soluble, so when the fat is removed, so are the Vitamins D, A, E & K. Now that milk has the nutritional value of sugar water- which is none. It is considered a “processed” food, which means we definitely do not recommend it on GOLO!

Not only does whole milk contain the four essential vitamins mentioned above, but it also contains calcium and high-quality proteins. And that saturated fat we were talking about? Saturated fat (which is removed to create skim milk) has satiating, blood sugar stabilizing effects. Fats slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream. It is also a source of energy, and can prevent muscle mass from being used for energy.

And while we are on the topic of full fat dairy, make sure you are choosing and using real butter over fake butter - margarine, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter etc. Real butter is not only delicious but you will find numerous health benefits come from consuming it, such as: lauric acid (antifungal), lecithin, iodine, fertility boosting properties, and many, many more! Just make sure you keep to GOLO’s recommended serving size when consuming it.

The same would hold true for yogurt and cheese as well. Nonfat yogurts are FULL of sugar. Low fat cheese is only about 51% real cheese, and the other 49% is preservatives, emulsifiers, coloring, and other additives. Most of them will even be labeled “cheese food.”

So, now that you know the truth about full fat dairy are you ready to make the switch?


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